New InWorldz Desert Island opens

The InWorldz Desert Island has been revamped today and now there is a new welcome point for new residents when they arrive on the grid. The new InWorldz Desert Island looks very impressive and it’s very exciting to explore the new welcome area. It’s open to the public now and it’s going to be very popular in the coming years than the old welcome area I think.

There has been already positive feedback on the new look revamp of the island. Most love the relaxing atmosphere and garden feel to the island which I agree with totally. Woooot!!

Visit InWorldz Desert Island to explore the new look island!

New areas to visit

  • New welcome point with new info boards
  • New Freebies Tower with 4 floors with new viewing area on top
  • New Building Learning Center
  • New music/events hangout
  • New bowling lane
  • And much more!

New InWorldz Desert Island Map

New InWorldz Desert Island 2013

New Welcome point when new residents arrive. Very colorful trees and more seats around the island. 

New Resident Welcome Point, InWorldz Desert Island

Snapshot from above showing the new InWorldz Desert Island showing the different areas. 

New InWorldz Desert Island

Snapshot of the new Freebies tower with a new viewing area at the top.

New InWorldz Desert Island

Explore InWorldz – check out the new Landmarks Board with many places to explore on InWorldz!

New InWorldz Desert Island

Stay tuned for more great things soon from InWorldz. Like the new look ?


4 thoughts on “New InWorldz Desert Island opens

  1. Looks mighty green for a desert island. 🙂 I need to go exploring some more. There have been a lot of changes reported since I last visited. Does Imprudence still do the job, or should I find another viewer (in order to see mesh, for instance)?


  2. I have been off on a lil project and have not had much world visiting time available, however, from the snapshots it looks ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL !!! KUDOS to IW !!!


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