5 days left until SL10B Community Celebration applications close

There are just 5 days left and counting until SL10B Community Celebration applications end officially so hurry and apply today. There are still roles to apply for to make the Second Life 10th birthday the best and successful yet.

The latest news from Linden Lab this week on SL10B is that there are fun things planned and there will be more blog posts soon on the official SL blog. Still hard to tell what fun things they will be and hopefully it will be something good.

We have some fun things planned to celebrate the occasion (keep an eye on this blog for more on that soon!

Today SL10B has been added to message of the day when logging into Second Life!

SL10B on login screen

Again for the 2nd year running the lab wants the SL community to host their own events for the 10th birthday of Second Life. It will be featured on the SL Destination Guide in June 2013.

Read the latest Press Release for SL10B Community Celebration below:

There are just a few short days left to be part of the team at Second Life 10th Birthday Community Celebrations!

Applications for Exhibitors, Performers, slots in the Auditorium and for Volunteers will be closing at midnight on May 20th. All applications will be carefully considered, and acceptances will be sent out in the week starting May 20th. But don’t worry if you don’t hear immediately – it will take the whole week to let everyone know.

How can you be part of the team at the Second Life 10th Birthday Community Celebrations?

There’s still time to apply to have a plot as an exhibitor. You need a good idea of what you are proposing to build – it should be community-orientated and celebratory. The clearer the information you can give, the easier it will be to assess your application.

Look at the guidelines in Event Policies, and then tell us all about it.

If you want to exhibit something:
Art installation
Informative exhibition
Community group
Media (writing, machinima, photography, etc.)


If you want to perform, or to give a presentation or host a talk in the auditorium, make sure you fill out the form giving not only details of the event, but also the times that would suit you best.

If you want to present something:
Talk on a topic
Run a workshop
Teach a class
Do performance art
Put on a media event


If you want to be involved in the musical celebration as a:
Live Performer


If you want to help as a volunteer, but aren’t sure what role would suit you best, there’s a page of Role Descriptions too. Full training will be given to volunteers, and it’s a great chance to work with an amazing team of people.

If you want to help out with any aspect of the celebration, such as:
Exhibitor Assistant
Stage Manager
Public Relations


But remember – you only have a few days left.

On May 20th, at midnight – Applications close.

So make sure you get yours in before the deadline!

Have you applied yet for SL10B community celebration ?


New InWorldz Desert Island opens

The InWorldz Desert Island has been revamped today and now there is a new welcome point for new residents when they arrive on the grid. The new InWorldz Desert Island looks very impressive and it’s very exciting to explore the new welcome area. It’s open to the public now and it’s going to be very popular in the coming years than the old welcome area I think.

There has been already positive feedback on the new look revamp of the island. Most love the relaxing atmosphere and garden feel to the island which I agree with totally. Woooot!!

Visit InWorldz Desert Island to explore the new look island!

New areas to visit

  • New welcome point with new info boards
  • New Freebies Tower with 4 floors with new viewing area on top
  • New Building Learning Center
  • New music/events hangout
  • New bowling lane
  • And much more!

New InWorldz Desert Island Map

New InWorldz Desert Island 2013

New Welcome point when new residents arrive. Very colorful trees and more seats around the island. 

New Resident Welcome Point, InWorldz Desert Island

Snapshot from above showing the new InWorldz Desert Island showing the different areas. 

New InWorldz Desert Island

Snapshot of the new Freebies tower with a new viewing area at the top.

New InWorldz Desert Island

Explore InWorldz – check out the new Landmarks Board with many places to explore on InWorldz!

New InWorldz Desert Island

Stay tuned for more great things soon from InWorldz. Like the new look ?