Metropolis Grid still offline due to Server Maintenance / Server Shutdown

Metropolis is a free OpenSim Grid and for the past week it’s been offline due to migration of the server infrastructure. There have been delays during the downtime and its starting to have a big impact on Metropolis users. Metropolis Grid recently celebrated it’s 5th birthday and every month or so its reaching new records in terms of regions/residents.

The good news according to the Metropolis Grid login screen is that the grid should be online today around 8pm CET. I can’t image what would happen if SL went down for a week because it would cause anger and many issues with the SL community users/businesses.

I log in regularly into Metropolis Grid like many other grids to see what the trends and events are like. I hope the grid will come back online soon. 🙂


Wednesday update 12:40am SLT


In case of server maintenance and changing the Metropolis-Grid is Offline at the moment. The actual status of the current works are permanently published in the Forum.


The latest update as of 3pm SLT:

The Metropolis-Grid is currently offline due to migration of the server infrastructure. In all probability, the Metropolis Grid will be tonight against 20:00 clock back online. Best regards! Lena Vanilli ————————– ————————– In case of server maintenance and changing the Metropolis-grid is offline at the moment. The grid will be online again today around 8.00pm CET. Best regards! Lena Vanilli

Screenshot of login screen showing server downtime after a week!

metropolis offline

Latest updates visit the Metropolis Grid Google+ page. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

12 thoughts on “Metropolis Grid still offline due to Server Maintenance / Server Shutdown

  1. Yea, some nerves are getting frayed-)) But Metro is 5 years old and has accumulated a large database. As well, it has seen a tripling of regions and even more in residents in the last few months.

    They tell us they are using this time to do a good cleanup and we all expect it will mean a much improved experience there once it comes back up.

    It was running fine before but some asset issues had been cropping up for some people.

    It is good to note for your commercial grid residents that Metropolis is a free opensim Grid. Most people can connect their simulators for free and the Grid holds the core groups and Grid assets databases.

    Most of us are knowledgeable enough about running our own simulators that we can work on our local instances or just go to other grids we belong to, or both.

    Nothing of major importance, really, as most of us have our OARs we can work on and our IARs without being in any grid.

    It will be nice to have the community again tho and so many new people have been joining it is quite fun-))


  2. Metropolis community residents have information available to them that is current on the member forums. The splash page was simply a placeholder that will be updated soon. The priorities are the grid work, updating its community via the forums, and then improving public relations now that the grid is popular in more than one time zone and language. If you have questions, please be sure to address them to the Metro team or the community. Many community volunteers are available to answer questions on the official forums and social media.


      1. Noted, and in case you are interested, there are people in the community who have been talking about improvements to suggest throughout this downtime. The expert team is doing their work and the community continues to evolve in a positive direction.


  3. Give them a bit of time, Daniel. If you have read the forum posts, you know what they had to put up with to get as far as they have…. And a little birdy told me that a status page is in the works as well, so for the future they will probably have what you were missing now. Nothing like a good crisis to improve stuff 🙂


      1. You might want to look at their facebook and twitter feeds then. Metro will grow from this and be better. Aviworlds inventory is gone. Some will put their OARs on Metro, if and when they get them.


  4. Poor admins! Though they always provided a good service since I joined Metropolis last year and have a very kind and fun community, technical shit happened in the last weeks. But since Metropolis has no commercial orientation – it is all for the fun and creativity – this unexpected delay in healing the grid infrastructure is no way as serious a matter as it would be for commercial enterprises. They are now installing multilevel backup and fallback technology, and I am looking forward when I can go log in to play – I just wait till stuff is ready again.


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