Metropolis Grid still offline due to Server Maintenance / Server Shutdown

Metropolis is a free OpenSim Grid and for the past week it’s been offline due to migration of the server infrastructure. There have been delays during the downtime and its starting to have a big impact on Metropolis users. Metropolis Grid recently celebrated it’s 5th birthday and every month or so its reaching new records in terms of regions/residents.

The good news according to the Metropolis Grid login screen is that the grid should be online today around 8pm CET. I can’t image what would happen if SL went down for a week because it would cause anger and many issues with the SL community users/businesses.

I log in regularly into Metropolis Grid like many other grids to see what the trends and events are like. I hope the grid will come back online soon. 🙂


Wednesday update 12:40am SLT


In case of server maintenance and changing the Metropolis-Grid is Offline at the moment. The actual status of the current works are permanently published in the Forum.


The latest update as of 3pm SLT:

The Metropolis-Grid is currently offline due to migration of the server infrastructure. In all probability, the Metropolis Grid will be tonight against 20:00 clock back online. Best regards! Lena Vanilli ————————– ————————– In case of server maintenance and changing the Metropolis-grid is offline at the moment. The grid will be online again today around 8.00pm CET. Best regards! Lena Vanilli

Screenshot of login screen showing server downtime after a week!

metropolis offline

Latest updates visit the Metropolis Grid Google+ page. Stay tuned for more updates soon!