Replay of Server Side Baking and Materials on Designing Worlds

Today Saffia and Elrik talked with Linden Lab about the latest developments in Second Life. This week was all about Server Side Baking and Materials on the Designing Worlds Show. The show was recorded (39 minutes & 11 seconds) and now the replay has been uploaded on YouTube to watch again if you missed the show.

Watch Brooke, Oz, Troy and Nyx Linden talk about Server Side Baking and Materials!

Details about this show

This episode, broadcast on May 13, 2013, Saffia and Elrik discuss the latest developments in Second Life technology – Server Side Baking and Materials – with the teams from Linden Lab who have been developing and implementing these new features: innovations that promise to significantly improve the quality of the experience in-world.



Second Life Extensions on Google Chrome

On Google Chrome Web Store I did a search today for “Second Life” extensions and I was surprised that three results that showed up which you can add to your Chrome browser. Very interesting to find out there are “Second Life” extensions on Chrome and I’m not sure other browsers have any SL related add-ons.

Chrome Second Life Extensions 2013

Results for “Second Life” extensions!

  • Second Life Friends – Users can check if their friends are online from any web page, instead of having to go through the tricky Second Life dashboard.
  • (157 users, version 1.0 & updated 10th February 2010)
  • Second Life Marketplace Helper – 1.Favorite Store Registration 2.Open Link in a New Window 3.Search in Deep Directories
  • (104 users, version 2.5 & updated 12th January 2013)
  • ChromeLife – ChromeLife uses your credentials to display useful at-a-glance information about your Second Life account, without requiring your username or password. Supported features include: – Online friends – Display names – Linden balance – Groups – Desktop notifications – Custom CSS – Map links
  • (79 users, version 1.0.6 & updated 11th April 2013)

A search for “Linden Lab” extensions showed up 1 result.

  • adding sl marketplace – This is a tool specially for Second Life users. With just a click of a button you can add products in your SLWishlist while browsing Second Life marketplace.
  • (30 users, version 1.3 & updated 14th March 2013)

A small userbase for these extensions and not alot of reviews either. I think there needs to be more extensions for Second Life and more in other internet browsers too.

SL10B Community Celebration applications closes in 7 days

There is now 7 days left to apply for SL10B Community Celebration before applications closes on Monday 20th May 2013. So far there have been hundreds of applications for SL10B Community Celebration and many more are needed during the next week. There will be 20 sims for SL10B which will be full of exhibitions, art builds, events and information.

Roles that are still needed:

  • Art builds
  • Exhibitors
  • Volunteers
  • Language speakers
  • Hosts for the auditorium
  • Greeters

Apply Now!

Important Dates upcoming for SL10B Community Celebration!

May 27 Sims open to builders
June 16 Grand Opening
June 23 Official Birthday
June 23 Final day of performances
June 29 Sims close to the public
July 1 All builds to be dismantled – sims go offline

Will you volunteer for SL10B Community Celebration ?