Kitely Market Open to Kitely Merchants

There was a big announcement on the Kitely Blog today about the new Kitely Market which is now open to Merchants which is really good news to hear. This is a major milestone for the Kitely team and it’s the first phase of many still yet to happen. Kitely Merchants can now create a store and add products to the store. It’s not open to Kitely buyers yet but it will become available sometime within the next few months or so. Stay tuned for that!

We achieved a major milestone today with the completion of the first phase of the Kitely Market! Merchants can now create their stores, and we are offering a limited time promotion which can save you money and increase your sales with free advertising.

Currently the Kitely Market is not open to the public and its only limited to Kitely Merchants. This allows time to get ready for the main launch in June/July 2013. Very exciting!

First preview of Kitely Market

  • Learn more – documention page with full official information
  • Create Store – login details needed to create stores
  • Link:

Kitely Marketplace open

There is a limited time promotion which is worth doing if you are interested in joining the Kitely Market.

Limited Time Promotion

Normally there’s a fee of 100 KC to add a product to the Kitely Market, and 25 KC to add a variation. However, we are offering a limited-time promotion to encourage merchants to add products now, so that they’ll be ready once the Kitely Market opens for buyers.

The promotion includes the following benefits:

  • Add 20 products to your store for FREE (no listing fees).
  • If your first 20 product listings adhere to our guidelines then you may request to be allowed to add an unlimited number of products to your store for free. The link that allows sending this request appears once you have added 20 products to your store.
  • If you create at least 100 product listings that adhere to our guidelines then you’ll be considered for Featured Merchant status. Featured Merchants will be featured for free on the Kitely Market homepage, and they’ll get free in-world shops in the official Kitely Plaza.

The free listings promotion will expire once the market is open to buyers. However, Featured Merchant benefits will last for an entire year after the market opens for business.

See the Kitely Market Fees page for a complete list of fees, and additional details about this promotion.

Please note that there are no fees for uploading content in Kitely: only for listing products. Furthermore, if you don’t have a world of your own where you can create your products then you can use the free Kitely Merchants Sandbox.

Great progress is being made and hopefully there will be alot of people creating stores on the Kitely Market to make it very successful for years to come.


7 thoughts on “Kitely Market Open to Kitely Merchants

  1. A couple of quick notes which may be worthy of highlighting is:

    There is no magic box…
    All people get one free region but it is time-limited…
    Later this year hypergating will be enabled…the first commercial grid to do this.
    Paypal or KCs can be used to buy items…

    I am not a Kitely staff or anything but I find Kitely quite interesting.
    I did my store front today and that part was very easy and quick.
    The links Daniel notes should be read for full and official information.


      1. yes, very-)) I see Kitely as a paradigm changer for commercial grids. In several regards.


  2. Still love the fact that i got my region for free and uploaded my Oar in march 2012 and from time to time i just login and its still there in all its beauty!
    The only thing, that i do believe only SL and Inworlz allow and it will never be possible on kitely is travel between regions with the use of a veihcle!
    Yes, we can have mega regions that are so big that any can sail or ride a bike for long (when physics are enabled and working as expected on open sim) but we wil never be able to cross sims!
    That is the only advantage i can see from Sl regarding other grids = mainland continents, hundreds of sims that any can cross without a need of tlp, at least until the Lab decides to screw as they are doing lately!


    1. just a point here..

      There is actually some current talk on the inwz forums, this topic:

      How to script for sim edge crossing?

      Personally I see mega-regions as the future, something inwz would have to do their own coding for, if they had any interest.

      I also come across conversations on problems with sl region crossings all the time.


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