50% off all private regions on 3rd Rock Grid

On the 3rd Rock Grid blog there is a new deal for the whole of May 2013 which is 50% off all private regions on 3rd Rock Grid which sounds very good  for new and existing region owners. There is a whole list of prices of Private Regions here if you are interested in buying a private region.

May Sales Event!

50% OFF All Private Regions!

As you may or may not know, 3rdrockgrid.com has been working very hard the past couple of months upgrading our equipment and moving our servers to a faster and more reliable datacenter. These changes have provided us with previously unheard of reliability and smoothness on our grid.

To celebrate we have decided to offer all private regions at a previously unheard of “50%” off* and no setup fees for the entire month of May!

These prices are good for new and existing region owners but does not apply to any regions already owned – new orders only.

Thats right! 50% off.
Any private region(s) you purchase during the month of May will be 50% off each month for the entire time you own your private region(s).

At these prices you can afford to have all of the land you have ever wanted!

Want to save even more??
If you pay for 11 months in advance, your 12th month is free!

There will be no setup charges however prices are “non-transferrable”. See below for more information!

These monthly prices will be good for the entire time you own your private region(s) and there are no setup charges. The only catch…. these prices are non transferrable. If you sell your private region(s) the new owner will be charged our regular monthly fees. If you give up or lose your private region(s) due to non payment and you later decide you want them back you will be charged our regular rates.



2 thoughts on “50% off all private regions on 3rd Rock Grid

  1. nice-)) I especially like this entry level plan…

    “7,500 PRIM PRIVATE REGION – Special 1/2 off

    256 X 256 sq m $25.00 12.50 per month No covenant, no restrictions.

    One time first month setup fee of $0.0 Total due first month is $12.50”

    3rg as we fondly call it [I am a member and have one of their free shops] also does a lot in the way of Music. They also do a very cool annual RobStock event which earlier this year included secondlife and Haven grids.

    It is not a busy grid but it is very nice for folx who want to get away from things and there is a lot of good content available, much for free if you can find it-))


  2. The first four .raw files listed are the basic shapes from which you can choose when you first order your Private Region. Once the region is in your possession it’s terraformable, but you can upload these .raw files to reset your land to its original state. The last .raw file is for perfectly flat land.


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