The first five episodes of The Drax Files

Draxtor has now filmed five episodes of The Drax Files so far this year and all of the videos have been awesome. Episode 5 has just been released about musicians in Second Life and the real world. Watch and catch up with all the episodes 1-5 here.

Details about Episode 5

“Who says what is real and what is not real?” asks Argentine post-rocker Pupito Helstein about his experience playing in Barcelona one night and in the virtual world of Second Life the next morning.

The music group Engrama, which he founded with his girlfriend (Spanish drummer Lakua Arriaga) has fans from all over the world thanks to the possibilities afforded by a persistent digital universe populated by colorful avatars.

Engrama has been playing original songs (and covers by Sigur Ros, Radiohead among others) in clubs and on self-designed stages all over SL for the past four years.

The band’s followers have treasured unique live recordings (yes: approved bootlegs!) infused with memories of sharing an emotional experience and space (albeit one that is made of pixels perhaps, but nonetheless deeply connecting to heart and soul).

Music transcends cultural, geographical and sometimes even generational differences just as much as an open-ended virtual world can!

Do you have a favorite episode of The Drax Files so far ?


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