InWorldz hits 75, 000 total users milestone

Today InWorldz reached another big milestone of 75, 000 total users according to the InWorldz Login Screen. This is another step closer to the big 100, 000 total users mark (expected in 2014 or 2015?). There’s around 350 new residents joining InWorldz each week apparently and that number is expected to rise quicker when physics is fully in place soon. InWorldz is still growing and breaking new records on a regular basis.

New milestone reached of 75, 000+ total users

InWorldz hits 75, 000+

InWorldz Historical numbers so far

  • “The first 1, 000 took almost a year.. the second 1, 000 just a bit over a month..”
  • 2, 000 members – 14th May 2010
  • 5, 000 members – 20th June 2010
  • 10, 000 members – 12th August 2010
  • 20, 000 members – 21st October 2010
  • 25, 000 members – 12th December 2010
  • 30, 000 members – 1st February 2011
  • 40, 000 members – 15th July 2011
  • 50, 000 members – 15th January 2012
  • 55, 000 – 20th April 2012
  • 60, 000 members – 18th July 2012
  • 70, 000 members – 25th January 2013
  • 75, 000 members – 3rd May 2013

Future Predictions…

  • 80, 000 members – July/August 2013
  • 90, 000 members – January 2014
  • 100, 000 members – Mid 2014

NEW: It’s worth looking at Constanza’s blog where you can find new weekly posts on the InWorldz metrics. Graphs, latest region/users stats and much more!

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17 thoughts on “InWorldz hits 75, 000 total users milestone

  1. I am sorry Daniel, but I must comment here.

    As Bixyl already pointed out, something is odd about these total user numbers.

    As you noted Constanza [hi Constanza-))] just started posting these numbers. And she does report honestly what she sees.

    But the reality is that when she shows all these new accounts being made, and there is no corresponding –similar– increase in concurrency and region rentals, people who think thru these things will wonder why?

    Reporting this number as some kind of cool thing for inwz is a bit disingenuous and it is a simple matter to see that this shows something wrong there, not that it is doing well.

    One has to wonder why, if, as Constanza reports, there are these 300 some odd new accounts on a weekly basis and there is no corresponding new activity of a similar amount.

    All other commercial grids who have new accounts ALWAYS then have more participation and rental of parcels and regions, at least as it actually happens.

    But, of course, I could be missing something, I just look at the splash page and read the forums sometimes, and do not go in that grid anymore.

    They also still do not have the 808 full paid regions they had back in Sept 2012 and their concurrency is still only around 100 to 300 depending upon the time of the week and time of the day.

    This is more than other commercial grids, so far [except sl of course] but Kitely will likely be even further increasing as it has been doing very well the last few months in anticipation of it’s Market opening in June.

    As well, Maria reported here that inwz reported to her a a loss of 120 active users over the prior month.

    Kitely, on the other hand, reported a gain of 216 people.

    A side note is that I was at inwz welcome region when the 50k resident dropped in, it was an alt [I seem to recall named Fifty Nifty or something similar] because we were all sitting there waiting for the 50k person and were getting excited and could not wait any longer-))) Balpien did some fireworks and it was fun…lol


    1. It’s really good that Constanza is posting regular updates about InWorldz stats. I am loving the graphs etc. I find it odd there are so many registered users but only 100-300 at peak online at any one time. There should be more logged in like 500+ and i’m sure that time will come.

      InWorldz is still growing and developing. Its good to see more events in search and there is loads of new things in the pipeline.

      InWorldz Desert Island which is the main welcome area there is always someone around to either help or hang out with. I find in other opensim grids its quiet mostly and empty like a ghost town. I hope that in time more will be around.

      Kitely is expanding for sure and i’m excited about the launch of the Kitely Marketplace. I love the Kitely meetings each week and reading the summary on the forums.

      I love metrics on SL and OpenSim. 🙂


    2. “I am sorry Daniel, but I must comment here.”
      At least you are consistent. Any time someone says something positive about InWorldz, you feel the need to pounce on it and rain on that parade. It’s okay, everyone is used to that now.

      The facts are that both regions and concurrency is showing a slow but steady climb.
      Above is a combined screenshot of both the InWorldz stats at 50000 and 75000 users. Images were taken between 9-10pm each night for consistency. Concurrency is up about 29% and the paid region count is up somewhere between 124 regions and 395 regions (at least 14% and perhaps as much as 44.6%). (Unfortunately the region stats weren’t split at the time of the 50K screenshot). Even if you go so far as to exclude the scenic regions (which are still paid regions), that is still 1065 regions, an increase of more than 20%. Using any calculation, saying it has actually declined is living in denial.


      1. heyu Constanza-)) what’s up? hehe…isn’t virtual reality just so much fun!!!


      1. your very welcome…lol-))

        please note that my profile there is old and does not apply any longer….[just mentioning for clarification] [and I would not mind it a bit if they changed it for me either]


    1. When I started on InWorldz on 2nd September 2010 there was:

      12, 274 total users
      96 users online
      499 regions

      Login Screen on 9/2/2010
      Logging into Inworldz for the first time

      It’s amazing how far InWorldz has come since then along with all the big developments that have happened. 😀


      1. FYI, as a comparison to Daniel’s numbers above… when I started in InWorldz (June 2010), there were only about 3250 users, 100 regions. Now that is 75,000 users and heading towards 1300 regions.

        When I started in SL (fall of 2006), there were only about 200,000 users. Not sure how many regions. One mainland, and almost everyone was there.


  2. Let me make the same comment here as i did on the Second Life Newser

    “You know i sometimes really have to laugh about these comments about active members or who has most online.

    Lets compair:

    SecondLife has a total userbase of 33,746,743 of which (at the moment i did this) 52,887 where online. That is just 0.16%

    InWorldz has a total userbase of 75419 of which 238 where online. That is 0.32% So twice as much based on percentage then SecondLife and not based on userbase as you can compair those 2 userbases.

    I rather stick to facts…..”

    I am only posting real figures and keep everything nice and neat in an excel sheet on my lappie. I am awaiting more stats, so hopefully soon i will be able to provide everyone with lots more stats then i have now.


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