Video of new InWorldz Dreamshare

Watch this new video about the new InWorldz Dreamshare which is a new tool from InWorldz that lets everyone show your creations to people all over the world. See announcement on the InWorldz Forums for more details. There will be apparently a QA session for questions next week about InWorldz Dreamshare. This sounds awesome and has potential to become something big in the coming months.

Live demo

What is InWorldz Dreamshare ? 

InWorldz dreamshare allows you to share your creations with people all over the world simply by sending them a link to the dreamshare website. It works in the latest versions of firefox, chrome and safari and doesn’t require any browser plugins to run.

Easily provide friends and family with a glimpse into your world via a simple hyperlink. Simply pick anything from your inventory that you have created and use the dreamshare tools on our website to generate a web friendly version of the item. Up to 64 prims!

New video about InWorldz Dreamshare

What are your first impressions of InWorldz Dreamshare ? 


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