Server Side Baking supported TPV viewers so far, update 1

The latest developments on server side baking on third party viewers. SSB renders clothing layers, avatar’s skin, tattoos, alpha from the client side to the server faster. Linden Lab are testing server side baking for official SL viewers which is due to be released hopefully within 2-4 weeks.

As of 25th April 2013

More updates will be published soon. 😀


7 thoughts on “Server Side Baking supported TPV viewers so far, update 1

  1. I know this is happening and I’ll be interested to see the change, I know the theory of the change. I think it’s a little strange that the TPV’s have updated their code before it’s updated in the main viewer, I’m hoping that LL doesn’t change anything in the next couple of weeks to break everything…

    They’d never do that…surely 0.o


  2. Kristin viewer is as well ssb compatible as per today!
    Knowing how many use LL viewer, if Tpv’s did not start releasing updated versions, the day LL press the botton would be the day that SL would be gone!
    So far, the simple fact that there are already a few tpv testing it means also that bugs will be much more easy noticed and fixed!


  3. Quick comment, Daniel – Catznip R8 isn’t out as yet (26th April). The Facebook entry confirms that when it arrives, it will have SSB/A support tho.


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