Main Grid regions drops below the 27, 500 mark

According to the latest post from SLUniverse Forums on New SL Sims in past week thread it’s seems like the total of main grid regions have dropped below the 27, 500 mark which is very concerning and alarming. The sad news I think is that SL regions still continue to drop further down into the red each week. I hope for things to pick up soon.

Grid size as of 21st April 2013:

Total number of Main Grid regions is now 27, 464 ( 20, 356 private estates& 7, 108 Linden owned)

Total private estate net losses this year come to 636 regions, a 3.0% since 30th December 2012.

The main reasons I think is due to the global financial crisis which i’m sure is having a huge effect on spending money etc and the other reason is that tier level in Second Life is still high from what I’ve been hearing from friends during the first part of 2013.

I hope that the grid will grow again this year or next year. Many factors will have to come in effect to make this happen for a growing SL economy like it was many years ago.

What needs to happen to get growth again in regions etc in Second Life ?



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5 thoughts on “Main Grid regions drops below the 27, 500 mark”

  1. i dunno. i mean i know tier is the Linden’s primary income from SL.. or at least i think i know that. so a precipitous drop would be very worrying to them, and ultimately to SL itself. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that any decline is therefore bad and growth is therefore good. bigger is not necessarily better, quality over quantity, size isn’t everything *cough*, yadda yadda yadda.

    i think many people don’t have as much money to spend as they once did, but they also don’t need as much land as they once did. between sculpts and mesh i can cram at least twice as much activity and objects onto any size land parcel than i could in the boom days of 2009. and the MP is now so effective that many people seem to prefer shopping there, so merchants have less need to maintain in world stores. but i would not trade sculpties and mesh and a working and jam packed marketplace just to read that yahoo we finally went up above 27,500 regions again, and i doubt even Linden Labs would.
    maybe we grew too much in the boom, and this is a necessary readjustment, maybe it’s some of the reasons i mentioned above. i honestly don’t know, but i still think 27 000 sounds like a whole lotta land, even if it is fewer parcels than at one time.


  2. I just think the costs are unrealistic. Many people worldwide are struggling financially. This has changed many things is SL, and while many businesses seem to be bouncing back it can take individuals in rl longer to return to having the extra finances needed to justify the costs of sim ownership. I think that LL needs to lower the price of full sim tier or have a special or discount or do something that is relevant to real people and shows they do have some interest in building SL.
    I mean it’s wonderful they are making all these scripting changes but that doesn’t really effect the life of regular SL users, other than to add lag and mess to trying to be in sl. There are regular pushes for new users, but it is the long term users that make sl a place worth being and they are the ones that should be rewarded and encouraged to continue building the community of sl.
    I’m sure alot of people that desire to have their own sim would be moving to one of the opensource projects where it costs far less or even nothing to own a sim size area. I know I’ve considered it.


  3. Lower land prices in general, fairer land prices (the value of a homestead compared to a full region doesn’t justify the much higher cost per prim), more region options (something like a “double homestead” for example). Megaregions, though I have no idea if that is possible at all with the kinda hard coded region sizes of 256×256 – it would be *great* having bigger areas without sim border crossings.


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