1 week left until SL10B applications OPEN

Today marks one week to go until the SL10B resident run applications open to Second Life community. The good news is that SL10B resident applications will be available from Monday 15th April 2013 (times still unknown) for around a month I think. Watch the official SL10B blog for the latest updates on applying.

Already there is been a big interest for the upcoming SL10B community event that will be held during June 2013 to mark 10 years of Second Life.

It’s unclear if Linden Lab will involved in SL10B or not this year. It would be a real shame if nothing happens for the big occasion. Hopefully something will happen. 🙂

SL10B Planning is currently underway by the core resident SL10B team to make sure everything goes smoothly way in advance. 🙂

  • Interested in applying for SL10B?
  • Will you be attending SL10B?
  • Did you go to SL9B or previous birthdays?

Roles that may be available for SL10B next week:

  • Volunteers (greeters)
  • Performers (live events)
  • Exhibitors  (plots)
  • Stage Managers (live event managing)
  • And many more!

SL10B bookmarks to remember!

I’ll be blogging when I hear more about SL10B happenings.


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