Top 3 InWorldz Places resources for 2013

Top 3 resource links that I can find for places to visit and explore on the grid of InWorldz during 2013. I hope this is a useful guide to interesting places, shops and much more in InWorldz. Today there are 1, 258 regions and that number is growing on a weekly basis. These are great ways of finding new places and new friends. The Events tab and the Map tab in Search is another good way of finding beautiful sims on the grid and new people. Favourite places to visit in InWorldz during 2013 ? 

  • Landmarks board on InWorldz Desert Island – Hundreds of locations to visit in the specific categories shown below. Very useful for newbies joining InWorldz today and for existing residents of InWorldz that want to explore more of the grid.

InWorldz Places 2013

  • InWorldz Places Website – Number one website at the moment for updated locations around InWorldz to check out and hangout. There are a number of categories at the top of InWorldz Places website with amazing snapshots of many places across InWorldz.

InWorldz Places website

  • InWorldz Freebie Stores – The most popular freebie stores are located at InWorldz Desert Island and there’s more.

InWorldz Freebie stores 2013

Check out this InWorldz Desert Island Map of Stores which is very useful to see where each store is located on the sim. In the next month or so InWorldz Desert Island will be a major layout change. Stay updated on the latest on the InWorldz Forums. 🙂

InWorldz Desert Island Map


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