Fifth annual Fantasy Faire 2013 is almost here

The 5th annual Fantasy Faire in Second Life for 2013 is almost here and preparations are still on-going to get everything ready on time. The event is the largest gathering of talented fantasy designers, performers and role-players from across Second Life.

Fantasy Faire 2013 registrations closed on Friday 5th April 2013.

The grand opening of Fantasy Faire 2013 is Saturday 20th April 2013 which runs through until Sunday 28th April 2013. This year there will be 10 regions for Fantasy Faire 2013 apparently. There will be 9 days of shopping, live music events, live actions, big hunts and much more. Last year Fantasy Faire 2012 raised a good amount of $25,000 USD for Relay For Life and the goal for 2013 is to beat that record.

Check out this amazing Fantasy Faire 2013 poster

Will you be attending Fantasy Faire 2013 in Second Life ? 


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