VWBPE 2013, update 1

This week there was new updated details about submissions for VWBPE 2013 which starts (24th-27th July 2013). Check out the new amazing VWBPE 2013 poster above for the 6th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference. Hopefully there will be an inworld presence, live streams and a larger audience this year. 

The theme for VWBPE 2013 is Beyond the Stage. Presentations will be hosted across the metaverse like in Second Life, OpenSim, Unity/Jibe, and Cloud Party which will be a historical first for the resident run VWBPE 2013 event.

  • Submissions open: 6th May 2013
  • Submissions deadline: 15th June 2013
  • VWBPE 2013 opens: 24th July 2013
  • VWBPE 2013 last day: 27th July 2013

Futher details about VWBPE 2013 will be released in the coming months and already there seems to be alot of interest for this conference.

Will you be attending VWBPE 2013 this year ? 


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