New Second Life viewer Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI)

Today Linden Lab announced some exciting news on the official Second Life blog about a new Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI) for the Second Life viewer. To use the new CHUI you have to download version 3.5.0 (273444) of the Second Life viewer via Release Notes.

Snapshot of (CHUI)


New features

  • Add participants to a conversation already in progress
  • See all of your conversations and everyone in those conversations, using an inventory-like UI
  • Quickly move your voice connection between conversations and effortlessly adjust individual volume or overall volume in a single click
  • View all of your recent communications in one window (Conversation Log)
  • See what was said in any conversation (Conversation Transcripts)
  • Set Do Not Disturb to focus on other things and get all the communications (and inventory offers!) you missed, after you come back
  • Choose from four levels of notification for each of five different kinds of incoming communication. You can set IMs from friends and IMs from non-friends to different levels of notification
  • Turn sound on and off for four different events, such as inventory offers and teleport offers
  • Access voice morphs more easily
  • Get to chat preferences and privacy preferences directly from the Conversations window.
  • Type your chats into an expanding, multiple-line box
  • Select multiple users across different conversations and start a new conference with them
  • Choose which conversations are in their own windows, and which should be in a tabbed window — you can have both now.
  • Collapse any conversation to a single-line input with popup messages.
  • See users and objects you have blocked in a new tab in the People window.

What is CHUI?

As we’ve previously blogged about, CHUI puts Second Life’s communications tools in a more flexible UI that lets you customize it for the ways you prefer to communicate inworld. You can even turn it all off when you want to build, make movies, or simply be left alone for a while.

Watch the NEW VIDEO below about the new (CHUI) by Torley Linden.

What do you think about the new Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI) in the Second Life viewer ? 


7 thoughts on “New Second Life viewer Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI)

  1. Quote:

    Why wont i implement it?
    Lots of reasons…

    “1. Chat can be seperated, but will still close whenever you close the Conversations floater (means that seperating it is totally useless)

    2. Whenever you click into Local Chat or press Enter (to start chat) it will switch to the empty Local Chat tab in the Conversations floater (like said above this makes absolutely no sense and seperating totally useless)

    3. If i open Local Chat, i will also always automatically open the Conversations floater, even tho i seperated it from the Conversations floater (again, it makes seperating totally useless combined with the above)

    4. Local Chat can ONLY be accessed with History, there is no way to use the Chatbar only without History, effectively wasting space by forcing me to have the History open (+ Conversations floater which automatically opens aswell)

    5. It combines Local Chat, Instant Message and Group Chat even tho Local Chat has absolutely nothing in common with Instant Message and/or Group Chat except that they are chats. Local Chat is only LOCAL for People around you, its a free, open Nearby-Chat, open for everyone to join or leave at any time, not to mention the fact that Chat is limited to 5, 20 or 96m depending on if you are whispering, talking or shouting. It is NO conversation between you and anyone specific like the Group and its users or the Instant Message partner or the Conversation partners.

    6. It FORCES tabbed IM with no ability to use seperate IMs like before (without CHUI you can just switch between tabbed IM or seperate IM, this is the BEST for everyone), apart from that i hate tabbed IM, it also wastes space, forces me to permanently keep that Conversations floater open and prevents me from showing all IMs by other Avatars or Groups at any given time (IM popups will NOT show up as long as you keep the Conversations floater open)

    7. It wastes lots of space (see the above reasons)

    8. Chiclets are gone, they were one of the BEST things LL ever did and they scrap them just because some V1 faggots were crying and whining again that they dont get along with the new V2/V3 Chat system which basically brought V1 and V2 together. Instead of just keeping seperated IM as it is and only make CHUI affect the tabbed IM… NO! LL had to fuck it up for EVERYONE ELSE again, i dont get why they cant just stay with something they make.”


  2. I don’t disagree with many of Nirans thoughts. I have been using the CHUI since it was announced in beta, at least for about 1/2 of my SL time. I have gotten used to the changes, and like it in many respects. BUT.. the loss of chiclets is huge. For people like me, and NIran, who prefer to explore the world with no open floaters the chiclets were a way to instantly tell when a new message arrived, who it was from, and instantly gain understanding on whether or not to read it. With Chui I must open the UI to see what the message is.

    The real test with CHUI is what TPVs do. My understanding is that CHUI changes things other than just the chat UI and that it will be hard to avoid bringiing this code into TPVs.


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