Happy 5th Birthday Metropolis Grid

Today Metropolis Grid on OpenSim has officially turned five years old which is a major milestone and big one for Metropolis community. Metropolis Grid came online on 2nd April 2008 and since it’s been growing at a good rate. Special thanks goes to Metro team for making this 5th birthday event happen from today until the weekend.

The Metro region opens for 5th birthday celebrations from 11am SLT today which is going to be very exciting indeed. The Metropolis 5th Birthday starts on Tuesday 2nd April through to Saturday 6th April 2013. During this special birthday celebration on the Metro region there will be exhibitions, readings, light shows, competitions, live performances and many parties to mark this historical 5th birthday.

Timeline of Metropolis Grid

  • 2nd April 2008 Metropolis Grid came online for the first time
  • May-July 2008 the wiki and forums were launched
  • Metropolis Basic homepage was launched in 2008
  • Metropolis celebrates 5 years on opensim on 2nd April 2013

New sneak preview snapshots of the Metropolis 5th birthday 2013

Overall of the 5th birthday Metro region.

Metropolis 5th Birthday island

Metropolis birthday schedule program.

Metropolis 5th Birthday island

Food and drink are ready for the 5th birthday party.

Metropolis 5th Birthday island

Metropolis Login Screen (2nd April 2013)

Metropolis login screen

Will you be attending this historical 5th birthday of Metropolis Grid ?

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