Exciting SL events in May 2013

Mark these upcoming exciting SL events for May 2013 on your calendars/notepads.  I’m always interested to find out about new SL events happening in Second Life. New events will be added to the list when I find out about them. 🙂

Check out the Event listings for May 2013:

Know of any other SL events happening in May 2013? Comment below!


Two new record milestones for my SL Blog and SL Flickr stream

The first record is that I’ve received 500 total likes on my SL blog which is amazing. Thanks so much for liking my blog posts over the years. Hopefully the 1000 likes milestone will be just months away. Also there 200 Followers!


The second record is that i’m happy to announce my SL Flickr stream has now been viewed more than 60, 000+ times which is fantastic. So far I’ve taken 22,189 SL snapshots since 7th June 2007.


 Thanks for following my SL blog and SL Flickr stream. More great things to come! 🙂

Tribute City Fashion Week 2013 Press Release

Check out this new press release for Tribute City Fashion Week 2013 which is being held in Second Life from 31st May through to 9th June 2013. The fashion week will include amazing modern, spring, summer creations and much more. Sounds like its going to be fun and exciting this year. See announcement below!

Tribute City Fashion Week 2013


Ava Jharmin
Jessii2009 Warrhol

Tribute City Fashion Week 2013

Tribute City and L’Amour Management are pleased to announce Tribute City Fashion Week! The event will show off the best spring and summer fashions from some of your favorite designers in Second Life! The theme for the show is “April Showers Bring May Flowers”.

This show will feature and showcase designers who will present their modern, spring, and summer creations and accessories. In addition to the show, other festivities will include both a kick off and closing event and other entertainment.

Designers currently scheduled to present at the show include Allure, Evolve, Faboo, Flowerdreams, K-Code, Poposity, Shey, Syl’s, and Xen’s Hats.

Designers will be in Tribute City, from May 31, 2013 to June 9, 2013, to present their modern, spring, and summer creations.

L’Amour Management is owned and operated by Ava Jhamin. Ms. Jahmin has vast knowledge not only as model, but also Model Coordinator, Producer, and Director. Tribute City is a very busy shopping and entertainment sim in Second Life. The sim has an Italian influence and boasts 5 club venues, various shops, and monthly events and contests. Tribute City is owned and operated by Jessii2009 Warrhol.

For more information about this event, please contact either Ava Jhamin or Jessii2009 Warrhol in Second Life.

Video of new InWorldz Dreamshare

Watch this new video about the new InWorldz Dreamshare which is a new tool from InWorldz that lets everyone show your creations to people all over the world. See announcement on the InWorldz Forums for more details. There will be apparently a QA session for questions next week about InWorldz Dreamshare. This sounds awesome and has potential to become something big in the coming months.

Live demo

What is InWorldz Dreamshare ? 

InWorldz dreamshare allows you to share your creations with people all over the world simply by sending them a link to the dreamshare website. It works in the latest versions of firefox, chrome and safari and doesn’t require any browser plugins to run.

Easily provide friends and family with a glimpse into your world via a simple hyperlink. Simply pick anything from your inventory that you have created and use the dreamshare tools on our website to generate a web friendly version of the item. Up to 64 prims!

New video about InWorldz Dreamshare

What are your first impressions of InWorldz Dreamshare ? 

VWBPE 2013 held on four different platforms

Today new details have been released about the upcoming VWBPE 2013 (Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education) conference which is scheduled for 24th July through to the 27th July 2013. The VWBPE 2013 team are calling for SL Mentors, Helpers and Gurus to assist during this year’s big conference. They are needed to help students, educators and residents in Second Life make VWBPE 2013 the best conference ever.

VWBPE 2013 is organized by educators and volunteers of Second Life who do a excellent job each year. Presentations provide information anything from Second Life, OpenSim, Social Media and Virtual Worlds. The new details is that VWBPE 2013 will be held on 4 worlds which should be interesting. 

The 4 different platforms are:

  • Second Life
  • Cloud Party
  • Jibe/Unity
  • Jokaydia

VWBPE 2013 Schedule 

  • Submissions open: 6th May 2013
  • Submission deadline: 15th June 2013
  • VWBPE opens: 24th July 2013
  • VWBPE closes: 27th July 2013

To apply visit: http://www.vwbpe.org for applications and details.

Linden Lab adds Kokua Viewer to the Third Party Viewer Directory

On 23rd April 2013 Oz Linden on the SL Wiki added the well known Kokua Viewer to the Third Party Directory. This is great news for the Kokua team and Kokua users overall. It’s special because this is the first 64-bit Kokua viewer which has been added to the TPV list. Hopefully the Kokua Viewer will now get more usage data for Linden Lab to list it higher in the table.


For the latest news, downloads and releases, visit the official Kokua/Imprudence Blog.

Kitely Marketplace launch in June 2013

According to the founder of Kitely named Ilan Tochner this week there is updated details about the upcoming Kitely Marketplace. The Kitely Market merchant control panel will be hopefully available for Kitely users to start creating their own stores within 2 weeks from now. Once that happens the Kitely Marketplace will open for business in June 2013. As of yet no date has been set for the official launch of the Kitely Marketplace.

The Kitely Market merchant control panel has a web-based inventory 
selection tool that enables changing what items are included in each 
marketplace product variation (so unlike in SL, you don’t upload content
into the Marketplace via your viewer). The control panel also enables 
configuring the Export permission for all the items that are included in
a product variation at any time, not just when the items the product 
includes are “uploaded” from the merchant’s inventory.

The Kitely Market merchant control panel should be available for people to start 
creating their stores within two weeks. The marketplace will open for business in June.

This is great news after hearing about recent delays and its going to be interesting to see how the Kitely Marketplace will compare with the Second Life Marketplace which has been online for many years now. Great progress is being made to the Kitely Plaza at the moment and its going to be amazing when fully completed soon.

Server Side Baking supported TPV viewers so far, update 1

The latest developments on server side baking on third party viewers. SSB renders clothing layers, avatar’s skin, tattoos, alpha from the client side to the server faster. Linden Lab are testing server side baking for official SL viewers which is due to be released hopefully within 2-4 weeks.

As of 25th April 2013

More updates will be published soon. 😀

NCI 8th Birthday Party Event 2013

NCI (New Citizens Incorporated) in Second Life will be celebrating it’s 8th birthday party and there is a special event taking place this weekend. On Saturday 27th April 2013 from 11am at NCI Beach in Fishermans Cove and the event will feature live music, djs, contests to celebrate the years of NCI in SL. The theme for the 8th birthday is “Out To Sea” which sounds fantastic I think.

Brace Coral founded NCI back in April 2005 and today NCI in Second Life is truly one of the best organizations on the grid for new residents. For many years it’s been featured on the SL Destination Guide under Newcomer Friendly section inworld. It’s really worth visiting if you have not been before!

What is NCI ? 

NCI is a voluntary association, dedicated to providing information, education and assistance to Second Life users (new and old), in order to maximize the benefits that they can gain from Second Life. NCI believes that new users who are better educated, supported and prepared benefit all of Second Life. NCI does not operate for profit and is not motivated by any desire for monetary gain.

NCI Birthday Event Poster 2013

NCI 8th Birthday Party 2013

Event Schedule Lineup 2013

Euro TIme
Hosted by Wellington Beam
Live DJs Ajira Gallindo & Imnotgoing Sideways

Costume Contest
Hosted by Ginger Lorakeet
Costume Theme: Starter Avatars

Toob Race
Hosted by Wellington Beam

US Time
Hosted by Beverly Montgomery & Krystal Devonshire
Live DJs PJ Devonshire & Christine Grigorovich

Toob Race
Hosted by Krystal Devonshire

Costume Contest
Hosted by Ginger Lorakeet
Contest Theme: Edwardian Formal

All Ages Blitz Building
at NCI South
Hosted by Gideon McCullough

NCI Links to Bookmark!

Fishermans Cove is a great place to visit for new residents for Help/Classes/Freebies in Second Life!

NCI Fishermans Cove 2013

New to Second Life? New Citizens Incorporated is a community-run portal offering help, education and support for new Residents.

Will you be attending NCI 8th Birthday Party Event 2013 ? 

New Fantasy Faire 2013 video from Draxtor

Draxtor Despres has uploaded a new video today (episode 2) of the Fantasy Faire 2013 in Second Life which is really impressive and wonderful. The video shows various areas of the Fantasy Faire 2013. Amazing and very creative!


Episode 2 details

Over 140 merchants are selling their wares to thousands of avatars, fundraising for Relay for Life!

Hop on into the virtual world next week and be mesmerized by immersive environments created by the best artists in Second Life.

Every dollar spent goes to American Cancer Society !

Mayah Parx is one of my highlights…sorry I am biased…..