Sneak peak of Kitely Plaza

Today I went to visit the new Kitely Plaza and looked around the official Kitely community center. The Kitely user community are still working on the Kitely Plaza regions. Some parts of the 4 region megaregions are still under construction but the good news is that it’s open to the public.

When you first arrive its worth getting the free (TOUCH ME) Kitely Plaza TP HUD designed by Dennis Albion which is a landmark guide to Kitely places. Stay updated by joining the Kitely Plaza Events group for free . Exploring the four sims is worth doing because of shops and its a nice spot to hangout with friends.

Kitely Plaza Welcome Area

Kitely Plaza

Kitely Plaza

Kitely Plaza

Kitely Plaza HUD looks very neat on the bottom right hand side of the screen to navigate.

Kitely HUD

Kitely Plaza map showing the four regions still under construction.

Kitely Plaza

Looks great so far and it’s going to be very popular in the coming weeks or months when more visitors hang out here I think.

Logging into AviWorlds for the first time

Today I signed up for the AviWorlds grid which is a free 3D virtual world powered by OpenSim. AviWorlds was founded in October 2012 which means it’s a fairly new grid. The AviWorlds website (shown below) is very welcoming I think for starters and the site pages are very useful to navigate. AviWorlds is well-connected with Facebook and Twitter it seems which is good news indeed.

My first impressions: A rather quiet grid upon arrival and I didn’t see any avatars at any of the official landmarks listed on the tall hub. I was impressed with the landmarks board and clickable information surrounding me. Hopefully in the coming years more will join AviWorlds and the grid will grow larger.

During my visit at the AviWorlds Welcome Center I managed to talk with the President and CEO of AviWorlds called Alex AviWorlds who was very friendly and provided me with new details about the grid status.

Alex mentioned the following to me…

  • AviWorlds went online 4 1/2 months ago
  • AviWorlds is growing tremendously due to the new grid strategy “our strategy is to supply a market which holds SL afloat”
  • AviWorlds is getting over 40 people a day now and growing
  • At CITYBYDBAY there birthday parties, weddings and much more

What is AviWorlds?

AviWorlds, 3D virtual world for everyone to enjoy, explore, meet new people and have fun!


Grid statistics for AviWorld (As of today):

  • Total Regions: 68
  • Total Users: 1, 746
  • Registered Users (last 30 days): 264
  • Registered Users (last 7 days): 57
  • Active Users: 1, 404
  • Active Users: (last 30 days): 406
  • Active Users: (last 7 days): 195
  • Users Online: 27

Land information for AviWorlds:

  • 1/4 SIM, 16384sqm of land!
  • 1500 prims!
  • ONLY US$5.00 per month! PLUS you get special access to
  • For more visit the Buy Land page

Registering for AviWorlds in 5 steps:

  1. Visit the Register Page then click on the orange Register button. Note: AviWorlds is still in beta and it uses opensim platform thats still in alpha status.
  2. Fill out user information which takes seconds to do then click on Submit and validate your email. 
  3. Then it redirects you to a page saying “Thank you for your submission. A request for confirmation has been sent to your e-mail address.”
  4. Check email address then Confirm link
  5. Confirmation message saying “You have just used a one-time email confirmation link. Your form submission has been processed.Register new user succeeded.”

Logging into AviWorlds for the first time:

After the signup process was complete I logged into AviWorlds for the first time at the AviWorlds Welcome Center island. I received a welcome notecard telling me about the AviWorlds grid. There was a large board in front of me of landmarks to visit. Around me there were many information objects to click on for more information about the grid. Very handy and a well-built area for new residents to start after sign-up. More exploring for me to do and more discoveries to come hopefully. 😀

The starting point in AviWorlds

AviWorlds welcome center

The central hub for landmarks


Avatar Central with freebies for males and females


Have you joined AviWorlds and what was your experiences like of this grid ? 

SL Buddy Walk 2013 Press Release

This week via the RHN Q and A Group a new press release was sent out about SL Buddy Walk presentation happening on Wednesday 13th March 2013 starting at 6pm SLT. More events are taking place also…see below!

  • A new expo will be happening in Second Life at Virtual Ability Island between 17th-30th March to raise awareness of National Down Syndrome.
  • On 21st March 2013 there will be a live music festival at Virtual Ability Island.

SL Buddy Walk 2013 

WEDNESDAY March 13, 6pm SLT
The Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability Island

The Buddy Walk® was established in 1995 by the National Down Syndrome Society to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness and to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. Last year there were 295 RL Buddy Walks. There’s also an SL Buddy Walk!

There is an Expo, March 17-30, to raise awareness. And on World Down Syndrome Day, March 21, a live music festival. This presentation will give additional information about this year’s event.

JL Zinner has been involved in the SL Buddy Walk since it started in 2008. She is also involved in the real life Chicagoland Buddy Walk for the past 10 years and serves on the Buddy Walk advisory board. Her main inspiration comes from her son who is 11 and has Down syndrome.

Presented in text and voice simultaneously.

These events are open to all to attend at Virtual Ability Island in Second Life.

Kitely launches Transfer Stations

A very big announcement was made on the Kitely official blog today about new transfer stations making it easier logging into Kitely. Transfer Stations have been introduced to reduce time it takes to log onto offline worlds and to make the user experience faster. Transfer stations will make it easier to enter Kitely places directly from the viewer instead of using the Kitely website. Transfer stations will enable you to hypergrid teleport to kitely worlds even if they are offline apparently. .

What is a transfer station ?

A transfer station is a miniature world that is used for waiting while an offline world is being loaded. Transfer stations are used only for the initial login to the Kitely grid, i.e. when your viewer isn’t already logged into another Kitely world. If you’re already logged into Kitely then you’ll wait in the world you are currently in while the world you are heading to is being started.

What do you think of Kitely Transfer Stations ?

Avination introduces Multi Attach

While checking the Avination Google+ page I saw a very interesting post by Leonie Gärtner about a new opensim development during a recent grid restart. Apparently Avination has introduced Multi Attach where you can have up to five attachments worn at the same time which sounds pretty interesting to try out. This is going to open up many possibilities on opensim grids and SL.

The post about Multi Attach…

Avination, one of the few grids actively supporting OpenSimulator development, introduced Multi Attach today with its latest grid restart.

Today, with the latest restart of their grid, Avination introduced Multi Attach support to their server software.

While being available at Second Life this feature has not been implemented yet at any OpenSimulator based grid.

Like the already supported Multi Wear, a feature important for clothing designers and furries wanting to dress themselves decently, Multi Attach allows the same for attachments.

One avatar can now not only wear one attachment at each attachment point, but up to five attachments at the same time.

Good for tasks like building a log house for carrying nails and hammer in one hand! Imagine Roleplay – now you can wear armored gloves while wielding the Sword of the Ancients at the same time.

Just imagine the possibilities!

(6th March 2013)

SXSW In InWorldz Weekend 2013

Yesterday on Friday 8th March 2013 the first ever South By Southwest Conference started. The 49 sims expo opened up to the public on the grid of InWorldz. The conference goes on from Friday 8th March to Sunday 10th March 2013 while the real SXSW is taking place in Texas. Will you be attending SXSW In InWorldz ?

Topics range from art, music, education, nature, technology, physics and much more.

  • Sim A – Education
  • Sim B – Arts & Literature
  • Sim C – Entertainment
  • Sim D – Technology
  • Sim E – Physics
  • Sim F – Fantasy & Roleplay
  • Sim G – Transportation
  • Sim H – The Harbor- Boating & Nature

Check out this full map of the 49 sims for InWorldz SXSW 2013

Event schedule for Saturday 9th March 2013

  • 8:00am – 10:00am    DJ Cataplexia Numbers – Belly Dancing
  • 10:00am – 12:00pm   DJ – Justin Meyer –
  • 12:00pm – 2:00pm    DJ Kally Skytower – Jazz
  • 2:00pm – 3:00pm      Subtlety Dalgish Live Blues
  • 3:00pm – 4:00pm      Snoots Dwagon – Live Performance
  • 4:00pm – 6:00pm     DJ Strummer Skytower – Rock
  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm     DJ Kally – Blues
  • 8:00pm – 10:00pm   DJ Clint Westwood – country
  • Sun Mar 10       SXSW
  • 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. — open
  • 10:00am – 12:00pm     DJ – Justin Meyer
  • 12:00pm – 2:00pm    DJ G-WINZ
  • 2 p.m. -3 p.m.  – open
  • 3:00pm – 4:00pm    Reggie Sunset
  • 4:00pm – 6:00pm    DJ Strummer Skytower -Rock
  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm    DJ Kally – Blues
  • 8-10 p.m. — open

Event schedule for Sunday 10th March 2013

  • 10:00am – 12:00pm     DJ – Justin Meyer
  • 12:00pm – 2:00pm    DJ G-WINZ  – Electroswing
  • 2 p.m. -3 p.m.  — open
  • 3:00pm – 4:00pm    Reggie Sunset  – Live Guitar & Song
  • 4:00pm – 6:00pm    DJ Strummer Skytower -Rock
  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm    DJ Kally – Blues- Closing

For the latest SXSW 2013 InWorldz discussions visit the InWorldz Forums.