Attending the Kitely Mentors Group meeting for the first time

Today I went to visit the weekly Kitely Mentors Group meeting for the first time on Wednesday 20th March 2013 from 1pm PDT. All Kitely users are welcome to attend and talk about all things Kitely. This meeting took place at the new Kitely Plaza hosted by Ilan Tochner who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kitely which was really cool.

This was my first ever time I’ve attended a Kitely meeting which went well and it reminded me of the Linden office hours (user group hours) on the main grid of Second Life. There were around 10 avatars that attended this week (more in previous weeks) and I guess more will attend in the near future. Topics discussed: servers, transfer station design < space station/moon/ ideas and much more.

The meetings are used to discuss user requests, upcoming features and various issues relating to Kitely. The meetings are open to all Kitely users.

Shown below: My first ever snapshot taken today of today’s Kitely Mentors Group Meeting.

Kitely first meeting 20th March 2013

After the weekly meetings are finished the transcripts are posted on the Kitely Forums in the Feedback & Suggestions section. These Kitely meetings are very interesting and to learn of upcoming developments is good to know about I guess.

If you are a Kitely user then I recommend you visit these weekly meetings to stay updated about Kitely happenings. If you have not signed up to Kitely yet then I highly recommend signing up today. Check out the FAQ page on the Kitely website for more information.

The latest March 2013 stats via Hypergrid Business shows that there are around 386 active users with 3, 314 regions on the grid. The Kitely community builders are currently working hard at completing the Kitely Plaza which has not officially opened yet. Next month the Kitely Marketplace should be launching which should be very interesting to check out. More exciting developments I’m sure are in the pipeline and Kitely will continue to grow more than ever before during 2013. 😀

Trying out Pixie Viewer

Today I decided to sign up to Pixie Viewer and try out the first look release. Pixie Viewer is a web browser-based viewer for virtual 3D environments. Pixie Viewer is currently in the Alpha phrase and runs on tablets/mobiles which supports HTML5 internet browers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. Hopefully soon it will reach the beta/public release stages along with new features. 🙂

The sign-up process was very quick and easy to register with my SL username. The login process takes seconds to load and render objects in the new resident Pixie experience. My first impressions was that the Pixie Viewer shows a very basic user interface with limited amount of controls around the edges of the screen. Also it’s very quiet in terms of avatars nearby which is somewhat expected I think. I liked the large Welcome Sign with things you can do in the first look version of the Pixie Viewer.

Basic User Interface buttons:

  • Play/Mute/Pause buttons with volume slider
  • Current time 
  • Stats button which brings up the Scene Rendering Info
  • Build button which brings up basic shapes window
  • Chat which brings up Public Chat
  • Report Bug sends to bug report webpage
  • Logout button ends the session

It’s worth trying out if you like beta testing new developments in the SL metaverse.

What can you do with the Pixie Viewer ? 

  • Explore a 3D World running inside any WEB GL enabled browser
  • Chat with others
  • Interact with some objects
  • Build basic shapes and with a set of starter models
  • 3D Photo Booth allows you to print your builds in 3D

Latest News

Pixie Viewer signup page 

Pixie Viewer signup page

Pixie Viewer welcome area 

Pixie Viewer March 2013

Will you be testing out the new Pixie Viewer ? 

Metropolis 5th Anniversary from 2nd-6th April 2013

Metropolis grid will be celebrating it’s 5th anniversary on OpenSim early next month according to Wanda Shigella (Events, Education, Culture) who updated the OpenSim Google+ page. Metropolis grid turns 5 years old from Tuesday 2nd April through to Saturday 6th April 2013. The full birthday program will be released in a few days.

Metropolis 5th birthday poster 

Coming Soon

METROPOLIS 5th Anniversary

The time has come – on 02.04.2012, Metropolis will turn 5 years old. 🙂

From 02.04.2013 to 06.04.2013, we would like to celebrate Metro’s birthday with you together.The program will be available in a few days.

We are looking forward to see you 🙂

Happy 9th Anniversary Nova Albion in Second Life

Today Nova Albion will be celebrating it’s 9th Anniversary in Second Life which is going to be huge this year with live music, annual exciting street parade and after-party.  Back on 9th March 2004 Haney Linden announced the first official City sims in Second Life and since then the city been through many transformations over the years. Join in today and celebrate 9 years of Nova Albion in Second Life!

Nova Albion 9th Anniversary Events 

  • Parade starts at 2pm SLT in the north of Miramare (SLURL)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2013_011

  • Music at the theater at 2:30pm SLT in Grignano (SLURL)
  • Afterparty during the late afternoon

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2013

Nova Albion 9th Anniversary Parade Poster

Nova Albion 9th Anniversary Map

9th Anniversary Nova Albion Map

Nova Albion 9th Anniversary Map

Press Release: 

On Sunday, March 17th, please join us for the 9th annual street parade! Residents gather at 􀀀 where maps of the route will be provided. Come as you are, or dress in Circus themes! Rez spots will be available for floats and vehicles if you have them. You may wish to bring your crash helmet!

At 2:30 music and festivities will start at the end of the parade, at the 􀀁. Stay long and celebrate the rezzing of the first prims, the story of the Great Collapse and Salazar Jack’s family, Resident-driven infohub culture, the arts, and sillyness. Hang out at the iconic Brick Archway and sit on the low brick walls where so many new residents once entered SL.

Hope to see you there,

– Nova Albion Help Center
– City Slickers
– MetaHarpers

Spread the word and invite friends over to celebrate this historical event in Second Life!

Press Release: Burnal Equinox on March 22-24th 2013


Mia Quinote

Friday, March 15, 2013 9:00 AM SLT

Burnal Equinox brings the March winds of change to the Virtual Playa!

On Burnal Equinox, the mid-time of our burning year, we propose a celebration of the transition of
seasons. Come home to the playa. Choose the season and the reason, as we are in a time of shifting and of
metamorphosis. Reject the rule of height and go as high as you dare.

BURN2 – Deep Hole, Second Life opens this annual event at noon SLT on Friday the 22 nd of March with the Lamplighters
procession leading the Burning Man 2.0 community around the Playa and on to Center Camp. Three days of celebration
will culminate in a special BURN of a PIRATE SHIP! We’ve got a great lineup of DJs to get your feet on FIYAH!

The Playa will OPEN to the public at NOON on FRIDAY, March 22nd at the following location:

It will be a joyful, music-filled, passionately flaming weekend – come HOME and CELEBRATE the transitions of life in true
Burning spirit! Join the rest of the virtual Burning Man community, join the processions, parades and parties, view some
AMAZING artist builds and drum and sing and DANCE!

Share the news with friends! See below for more information and to share on all your favourite networks:

Twitter: Hashtag: #burn2 Keyword: Burn2
Flickr: Keyword: Burn2

BURN2 is an extension of the Burning Man festival and community into the world of Second Life. It is an officially sanctioned Burning
Man regional event, and the only virtual world event out of more than 100 real world Regional groups.

The BURN2 Team operates events year around, culminating in an annual major festival of community, art and fire in the fall – a
virtual echo of Burning Man itself

Will you be attending ? Comment below! 🙂