Happy 4th Birthday InWorldz

Today InWorldz has turned four years old and it’s time to celebrate 4 years with the founders of  the grid. Elenia Llewllyn and Tranquillity Dexter with the rest of the InWorldz team who have worked really hard over the past 4 years to make the grid run smoothly. Woooot!

As far as I’m aware there are no birthday celebrations planned between now and the end of next week (7th April 2013). Last year for the 3rd birthday InWorldz had it’s first official IW conference that took place in Las Vegas. Next year is going to be extra special I think as InWorldz will reach it’s 5th birthday hopefully. 😀

Happy 4th InWorldz!

InWorldz 3rd birthday

Snapshot from InWorldz 2nd Birthday 

InWorldz Login Screen

Snapshot of InWorldz Login Screen taken at 2:50am SLT today. 


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