Patterns Now Available on Steam

It’s been announced on the Patterns Steam page that Patterns is now available to everyone which is great news after many months of waiting. Glad that Linden Lab are making progress on Patterns and it won’t be long until other non-SL products are released on Steam too I would imagine.

See below for the latest video, new announcement and what the developers think of Patterns.

See the new video mentioning that Patterns is available on Steam.

The Announcement as of 22nd March 2013:

We first launched Patterns as a ‘genesis release’ in October 2012, and we are now happy to make it available to everyone on Steam as part of the Early Access program. We are still very early in the game’s development, but have already made many updates. If you’re interested in seeing how Patterns has grown and improved so far, check out our update history in the News section. 

As genesis release users, your feedback will help shape Pattern’s evolution. Please keep the comments, screenshots, videos and your thoughts coming! Know that we are reading and paying attention to your feedback, even if we are not able to respond to every post with a comment. 

If you encounter a bug with the Patterns genesis release, please report it to us directly through so that we can investigate and address it. 

We’ll continue to frequently update Patterns with new features, performance improvements, bug fixes, and more, so please check in regularly to keep up to date with the latest! 

Patterns Development Team

What is Patterns ?

It’s your universe to shape. Patterns is an ever-expanding 3D space, where you’ll construct simple and complex structures as you harvest substances and discover new shapes that can be used to enhance your creativity.

Patterns starts at a low level with simple, basic shapes and allows you to expand your universe as you add together other shapes to make more and more elaborate constructs. Build large scale structures that reach high into the sky or bridges that traverse wide chasms. Use your constructions to reach new areas and break out of your space to discover other worlds.

Be careful! Each substance contains different physical properties that can cause your creations to tumble, crumble or crash down to the ground. Will your creations withstand the power of gravity?

What the developers say about Patterns ?

Patterns is still in development and we are actively providing updates in order to flesh out this early experience. 

We are working hard on new features and content as well as bug fixes and tuning. Take a look at our update history to get a sense of how Patterns has evolved since we went live. Check in regularly for future updates. 

For a limited time, the Genesis version of Patterns is available for USD $9.99. That’s a savings of 50% off the regular price!

Steam is introducing early access to games. See FAQ

2 thoughts on “Patterns Now Available on Steam

  1. Now imagine all those developping hours and resources would have been used to finalise and launch good experience tools as well as a more differenciated permissions system for Second Life – the platform would have started making sense for content providers and get a step closer to a real metaverse…

    Patterns is a waste of time and an allocation of resources in the wrong creative space.


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