Overview of the Firestorm Viewer and Project Event 2013

Starting at 11am SLT tomorrow there will be a interesting event about the Overview of the Firestorm Viewer and Project. This presentation will take place on Virtual Ability Island hosted by Ed Merryman who is the Firestorm Support Team manager who has been working on Firestorm since September 2010.

Details about the Firestorm presentation 

Overview of the Firestorm Viewer and Project
PRESENTERS: Ed Merryman (voice), Lette Ponnier (text)
THURSDAY March 28, 11am PDT/SLT
Blue Orchid Cabana, Virtual Ability Island


Learn about what makes the Firestorm Viewer and the project on the whole unique. We’ll discuss some of its most popular features and customizability options and cover how to find help and more information from our large and active support team and its resources.

Ed Merryman is the Firestorm Support Team manager. He has headed the team since the beginning of the Phoenix Firestorm Project in September 2010.
Lette Ponnier has served on the team since February 2011 and is the lead of the English-language section of the Firestorm Support Team.
Both are active teachers for the team, presenting information almost daily about Firestorm settings and features, as well as solving and reporting problems.

Presented in both text and Voice simultaneously.


2 thoughts on “Overview of the Firestorm Viewer and Project Event 2013

  1. Seems to be some announcements effecting the use of the viewer in Second Life. I know Firestorm took up residence in OSgrid earlier this year. I hope that there is an announcement soon about how they are making a distinguishable viewer that is effective for the opensim user.


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