117 avatars during load test on InWorldz Desert Island

On 20th March 2013 InWorldz users took part in a load test after 12pm SLT on InWorldz Desert Island where almost half the grid attended in just one region. Apparently 117 avatars were all in the region during the crash test according to Tranquillity Dexler which is an amazing achievement I think. When it reached 117 avatars there was a code bug that took down the region. So I guess more work is needed to cope with more avatars in future load tests on InWorldz.

Best snapshot taken was by Arkady Arkright shown below…

The aim of the load test was to find out how many avatars the sim could put up with on InWorldz Desert Island before it started to cause problems. This load test was very exciting to be part in and i’m sure more records will be set for InWorldz very soon.

Historical stats of load tests on InWorldz: