Attending the Kitely Mentors Group meeting for the first time

Today I went to visit the weekly Kitely Mentors Group meeting for the first time on Wednesday 20th March 2013 from 1pm PDT. All Kitely users are welcome to attend and talk about all things Kitely. This meeting took place at the new Kitely Plaza hosted by Ilan Tochner who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kitely which was really cool.

This was my first ever time I’ve attended a Kitely meeting which went well and it reminded me of the Linden office hours (user group hours) on the main grid of Second Life. There were around 10 avatars that attended this week (more in previous weeks) and I guess more will attend in the near future. Topics discussed: servers, transfer station design < space station/moon/ ideas and much more.

The meetings are used to discuss user requests, upcoming features and various issues relating to Kitely. The meetings are open to all Kitely users.

Shown below: My first ever snapshot taken today of today’s Kitely Mentors Group Meeting.

Kitely first meeting 20th March 2013

After the weekly meetings are finished the transcripts are posted on the Kitely Forums in the Feedback & Suggestions section. These Kitely meetings are very interesting and to learn of upcoming developments is good to know about I guess.

If you are a Kitely user then I recommend you visit these weekly meetings to stay updated about Kitely happenings. If you have not signed up to Kitely yet then I highly recommend signing up today. Check out the FAQ page on the Kitely website for more information.

The latest March 2013 stats via Hypergrid Business shows that there are around 386 active users with 3, 314 regions on the grid. The Kitely community builders are currently working hard at completing the Kitely Plaza which has not officially opened yet. Next month the Kitely Marketplace should be launching which should be very interesting to check out. More exciting developments I’m sure are in the pipeline and Kitely will continue to grow more than ever before during 2013. 😀