Trying out Pixie Viewer

Today I decided to sign up to Pixie Viewer and try out the first look release. Pixie Viewer is a web browser-based viewer for virtual 3D environments. Pixie Viewer is currently in the Alpha phrase and runs on tablets/mobiles which supports HTML5 internet browers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. Hopefully soon it will reach the beta/public release stages along with new features. 🙂

The sign-up process was very quick and easy to register with my SL username. The login process takes seconds to load and render objects in the new resident Pixie experience. My first impressions was that the Pixie Viewer shows a very basic user interface with limited amount of controls around the edges of the screen. Also it’s very quiet in terms of avatars nearby which is somewhat expected I think. I liked the large Welcome Sign with things you can do in the first look version of the Pixie Viewer.

Basic User Interface buttons:

  • Play/Mute/Pause buttons with volume slider
  • Current time 
  • Stats button which brings up the Scene Rendering Info
  • Build button which brings up basic shapes window
  • Chat which brings up Public Chat
  • Report Bug sends to bug report webpage
  • Logout button ends the session

It’s worth trying out if you like beta testing new developments in the SL metaverse.

What can you do with the Pixie Viewer ? 

  • Explore a 3D World running inside any WEB GL enabled browser
  • Chat with others
  • Interact with some objects
  • Build basic shapes and with a set of starter models
  • 3D Photo Booth allows you to print your builds in 3D

Latest News

Pixie Viewer signup page 

Pixie Viewer signup page

Pixie Viewer welcome area 

Pixie Viewer March 2013

Will you be testing out the new Pixie Viewer ? 


13 thoughts on “Trying out Pixie Viewer

  1. Quality vs many times we see very nice services, applications, software, and programs loaded with so much visual and unnecessary(seldom used) eye candy , we destroy a perfectly sleek and functional near perfect and efficient viewer.
    Something to keep in mind, why create a viewer,app,software,or service which excludes 33 percent of the populace due to hardware dependencies, that 33 percent of lost populace is 33 percent of lost profit in a commercial venture.
    For the most part in dealing with consumer products “less is more” if you want the full potential. You can look at many of the examples in existence today especially in the meta verse…when they go complicated and toss in the eye candy and remove the ease of use and control from the user they gradually die off.
    Simple is Greater and keep your paying customers happy and you will succeed..or create a fancy piece of eye candy for a monument unto your abilities and a pigeon will perch on top of it and poop on it.
    Again nice clean gui and light weight perfect for the intended usage.

    my 2 cents but you could apply the above to many scenarios :)) :))


      1. Daniel,
        After further research and toying with the features this would revolutionize those sims and grids wishing to convert an entire region from primitives and sculpties to mesh.
        I did not have any luck with texture locations and vectors but Overall it looks extremely promising for the future of mesh usage in Open Sim.


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