Metropolis 5th Anniversary from 2nd-6th April 2013

Metropolis grid will be celebrating it’s 5th anniversary on OpenSim early next month according to Wanda Shigella (Events, Education, Culture) who updated the OpenSim Google+ page. Metropolis grid turns 5 years old from Tuesday 2nd April through to Saturday 6th April 2013. The full birthday program will be released in a few days.

Metropolis 5th birthday poster 

Coming Soon

METROPOLIS 5th Anniversary

The time has come – on 02.04.2012, Metropolis will turn 5 years old. 🙂

From 02.04.2013 to 06.04.2013, we would like to celebrate Metro’s birthday with you together.The program will be available in a few days.

We are looking forward to see you 🙂


2 thoughts on “Metropolis 5th Anniversary from 2nd-6th April 2013

  1. This will be the absolutely coolest Birthday Party the FREE Metaverse has ever seen!! A must visit.

    For anyone who still feels the free metaverse is not interesting, come have your eyes opened to what is going on now.

    They will be showcasing talents from Artists, to creations to Performers….Make an account in Metropolis as soon as you can so you will be ready-))

    It is also hypergated so folx from other HG enabled grids will be able to join in easily.


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