Happy 9th Anniversary Nova Albion in Second Life

Today Nova Albion will be celebrating it’s 9th Anniversary in Second Life which is going to be huge this year with live music, annual exciting street parade and after-party.  Back on 9th March 2004 Haney Linden announced the first official City sims in Second Life and since then the city been through many transformations over the years. Join in today and celebrate 9 years of Nova Albion in Second Life!

Nova Albion 9th Anniversary Events 

  • Parade starts at 2pm SLT in the north of Miramare (SLURL)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2013_011

  • Music at the theater at 2:30pm SLT in Grignano (SLURL)
  • Afterparty during the late afternoon

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2013

Nova Albion 9th Anniversary Parade Poster

Nova Albion 9th Anniversary Map

9th Anniversary Nova Albion Map

Nova Albion 9th Anniversary Map

Press Release: 

On Sunday, March 17th, please join us for the 9th annual street parade! Residents gather at 􀀀 where maps of the route will be provided. Come as you are, or dress in Circus themes! Rez spots will be available for floats and vehicles if you have them. You may wish to bring your crash helmet!

At 2:30 music and festivities will start at the end of the parade, at the 􀀁. Stay long and celebrate the rezzing of the first prims, the story of the Great Collapse and Salazar Jack’s family, Resident-driven infohub culture, the arts, and sillyness. Hang out at the iconic Brick Archway and sit on the low brick walls where so many new residents once entered SL.

Hope to see you there,

– Nova Albion Help Center
– City Slickers
– MetaHarpers

Spread the word and invite friends over to celebrate this historical event in Second Life!