Kitely launches Transfer Stations

A very big announcement was made on the Kitely official blog today about new transfer stations making it easier logging into Kitely. Transfer Stations have been introduced to reduce time it takes to log onto offline worlds and to make the user experience faster. Transfer stations will make it easier to enter Kitely places directly from the viewer instead of using the Kitely website. Transfer stations will enable you to hypergrid teleport to kitely worlds even if they are offline apparently. .

What is a transfer station ?

A transfer station is a miniature world that is used for waiting while an offline world is being loaded. Transfer stations are used only for the initial login to the Kitely grid, i.e. when your viewer isn’t already logged into another Kitely world. If you’re already logged into Kitely then you’ll wait in the world you are currently in while the world you are heading to is being started.

What do you think of Kitely Transfer Stations ?


2 thoughts on “Kitely launches Transfer Stations

  1. I think Kitely is wonderfully innovative and unique. Once their marketplace gets up, which is supposed to be within a month or so, then they say they will open to hypergates with permissions in place for content creators to say if they wish things to leave kitely, or not.

    All fascinating to watch-))


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