New series of The Drax Files – Episode 1

Watch the new episode 1 of The Drax Files which will be apparently be a new monthly show featuring Second Life during the rest of 2013. Episode 1 lasts for 5 minutes and so far the video has had more than 260 views. Congratulations to draxtor despres on the new launch of the The Drax Files series 2013. I’m looking forward to watching more SL adventures and interviews as they come out to watch.

Watch Now!

Updated Press Release 

The Drax Files: World Makers will be a monthly show on YouTube examining the creative people behind the avatars who continue to move the virtual world of Second Life forward with their passion and persistence.

Mixed reality interviews form the basis of very personal stories that profile designers, game-makers, role-players and fashion aficionados, musicians, artists and social-issue activists: for these dedicated residents the avatar is not just a separate pixelated entity, but a true extension of their identity with which they navigate the digital space.

The show will utilize real-life footage and Skype interviews as well as machinima from within Second Life and feature a range of creators from self-taught hobbyists to dedicated pros from all walks of life, from all over the world, cutting across gender, ethnic and generational divides.

This is a world solely made and nourished by its residents – therefore truly only their imagination can be the limit!


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