Cocoa Project Viewer added to SL Alternate Viewers SL wiki list

Recently Linden Lab added Cocoa Project Viewer to the Alternate_Viewers list on the SL Wiki which works on Macintosh machines at long last. According to users that have tested the Cocoa Project Viewer and reports on better performance and better FPS. Very good news indeed! 🙂

Cocoa Project Viewer

If you have installed Cocoa Project Viewer I’ll like to know how the viewer experience runs for you?


7 thoughts on “Cocoa Project Viewer added to SL Alternate Viewers SL wiki list

  1. I can’t get this to run on my 15″ Retina Macbook Pro. It launches up with a gray screen, spinning beach ball and (Application Not Responding.) Had anyone else been able to get the latest build of this viewer to work on the Retina Macbook Pro?


  2. A suggested fix has worked. – Replacing the arguments.txt file in package contents with that of a working viewer (current SL beta viewer or another project viewer) fixes the freeze on launch issue. I am now able to run the latest Cocoa Project Viewer. The FPS improvement is awesome and I’m loving Full Screen Mode. Can’t wait for this to make it into Firestorm.


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