Big changes to Metaverse Week in review 2013

After five and a half years since the first broadcast via operator 11 of Metaverse Week in review the main hosts of the show have announced this week that the show is changing completely. The show for many years have been broadcasted through livestream which works better for recording etc on Sunday afternoons SLT.

Metaverse Week in Review is a live videocast co-hosted by Mal Burns and Tara Yeats every Sunday at 12pm SL time/8pm UK time. Presented at Operator 11 (, this live show looks at events and news from the week in Second Life and other developing virtual worlds. Mal & Tara are joined by an assortment of guests from the metaverse.


The NEW format of Metaverse Week in review:

  • Mal Burns & Tara introduction to the show
  • Part 1: Inworld review (sl news and virtual news)
  • Part 2: Recorded best clips (playlist)
  • Part 3: Google Hangouts (facetime)

The OLD format of Metaverse Week in review:

  • Introductions (review of the news)  from Mal Burns/Tara
  • Featured Clips
  • Recap

Do you like the new format of the show ? Please comment! 


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