4 sims arrive for One Billion Rising event in Second Life this week

According to the grid survey latest sims post four sims have arrived on the grid in time for this week’s One Billion Rising event in Second Life. From the snapshot I took this morning (SLT) below there is a large stage taking over the four corners of the central sims. There appears to be builds or something around the outside of the four sims which should be interesting to explore when the sims open on Thursday 14th February 2013.

3 days  left to GO!

Region preparations are underway and now there’s only 3 days remaining until the 24 hour dance event gets started. Here are the region names for One Billion Rising in Second Life 2013.

  • OBR Dance
  • OBR Rise
  • OBR Strike
  • OBR Walk

One Billion Rising sims 2013

Will you be attending One Billion Rising Event in Second Life 2013 ?