New Video: One Billion Rising in Second Life

On 9th February 2013 a new video preview was uploaded on YouTube for the upcoming One Billion Rising in Second Life event due to take place for 24 hours on valentines day 2013. This wonderful video lasts for 5 minutes and 37 seconds showing many women avatars dancing to the music.

Tena Clark & Tim Heintz perform the incredibly powerful song, “Break the Chain,” that we hear in this video. As women from around the world in Second Life, we wanted to do our part too. Gorgeous settings, amazing women-behind-the avatars, and a bit of fantasy make our video a beautiful addition to the tide of support that’s sweeping the globe. Visit our blog, “One Billion Rising in Second Life” to find out more!

Very inspiring and impressive indeed. 🙂


New Quick Tip Video: Getting and Spending Linden Dollars

On 7th February 2013 Linden Lab published a new quick tip (#3) video on the Second Life official YouTube channel showing the basics of the virtual currency known as Linden Dollars in Second Life. It’s a very handy tip and it’s worth watching if you are new to Second Life. Learn more below…

Previous quick tips videos #1 & #2 can watched again below.

I always love watching Torley video tutorials/tips about Second Life. Hopefully there will be more video tutorials in the coming weeks to watch and enjoy by Torley Linden. Yay! 🙂