LEA Art Festival 2013

Visit the LEA Art Festival 2013 today and be amazed by the amazing LEA sims/events. The festival continues until Thursday 28th of February 2013 in Second Life when it comes to the end. It’s very interesting and fun according to many friends that have already been checking out the LEA regions.  The LEA art festival takes place on regions between LEA10 to LEA29 which are all definitively worth visiting. With more than 30 artist builds to check out.

What is LEA ?

The Linden Endowment of the Arts is an official Linden Community Partnership program whose purpose is to help new artists, cultivate art in SL, and foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration within the art community.

LEA Arts Festival 2013

The Linden Endowment for the Arts not only provides grants of land to artists-in-residence, it also helps to promote the artists and their works through this festival, articles, interviews, social media and other avenues. For many artists, this festival is the culmination of 5 months of hard work and inspiration, and so the time has to fully celebrate and share these works. Please share your LEA Arts Festival related photography on our LEA Arts Festival flickr group, and on your Google + or Facebook. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the LEA!

LEA Art Festival 2013 Includes

  • Machinima Screenings
  • 20 Sims of Art Installations
  • Performances
  • Talks
  • Artist Interviews/Tours
  • And more!

LEA Arts Festival 2013

LEA Arts Festival 2013

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