Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Second Life

Check out theses very handy keyboard shortcuts used in the current Second Life viewer to speed things up during the SL experience. There is a more comprehensive list on the SL wiki which is worth looking at. For UI developers visit this page which is based on operating systems.

User Interface
Ctrl-F Search (previously called Find, hence the shortcut key F)
Ctrl-G Gestures
Ctrl-H Chat History
Ctrl-I Inventory
Ctrl-L Link (selected objects in edit)
Ctrl-M World Map
Ctrl-P Preferences
Ctrl-Q Quit the Second Life viewer
Ctrl-R Run Mode (toggle switch)
Ctrl-T Instant Message open/close
Ctrl-W close current Window (or IM tab page )
Ctrl-Shift-W close all Windows
Ctrl-U Upload Image
Ctrl-Z Undo (once while in edit – chat window off)

Ctrl-1 Focus
Ctrl-2 Move
Ctrl-3 Edit
Ctrl-4 Create
Ctrl-5 Land

Script Editor
Ctrl-F Find/Replace dialog

Ctrl-Alt-C disable Camera Contraints (Client->Disable Camera Contstraints)
Ctrl-Alt-D Open/Close Debug menu (some systems require Ctrl-Shift-Alt-D)
Ctrl-Alt-M Mouse Moves Sun (requires Debug menu on)
Ctrl-Alt-R Rebake Textures (Client->Character->Rebake Textures)
Ctrl-Alt-T Highlight Transparent
Ctrl-Alt-1 Hide/Show UI
Ctrl-Alt-6 All Fog Off (Fog is SL default…no fog must be reset every log in)
Ctrl-Alt-A Toggle Animate Textures On/Off
Ctrl-Shift-A Start/Stop Movie to Disk
Ctrl-Shift-L Unlink (selected objects in edit)
Ctrl-Shift-M MiniMap
Ctrl-Shift-N Force Sunset
Ctrl-Shift-S Snapshots
Ctrl-Shift-1 Sim Stats (you will need to turn off or move the minimap to view the full stats page)
Ctrl-Shift-3 Texture Console (to view textures on a particular object right click and go into
edit and then press ALT 3 , the textures for all sides of that object will be highlighted in yellow)

Ctrl-Alt-Shift-= Turn particle effects on/off.
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-3 Remove all Linden trees. This is a toggle… press again to turn trees back on.
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-5 Remove ground cover. This is a toggle… press again to turn ground cover back on.
Shift and Drag Copy object in edit

To pan around an object hold down the Alt key and left-click an object or avatar then use the left and right arrows to pan around (this function goes circular around an object) & page up and page down to move closer or further away. To change the zoom, you have to use the following keys:

Ctrl-8 Zoom out
Ctrl-9 Reset zoom
Ctrl-0 Zoom in

Strafe Camera
Hold down Ctrl-Alt-Shift and left-click an object or avatar then use the arrow keys to strafe left right up or down. (this goes vertical and horizontal on an object view).

Which SL keyboard shortcuts are your favourites ? 



11 thoughts on “Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Second Life

  1. My fav is Ctrl-alt-shift-4. This is particularly helpful when going to a crowded event. It makes ALL the avies disappear (including you) allowing the vendors to rezz. You can still cam around and buy what you want, but moving is almost impossible since you cannot see yourself. You CAN press the same thing and bring all the avies back again and move somewhere closer and then press it again to get the vendors to rezz. This can be REALLY helpful in large, overcrowded events.


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