Zen Viewer taken off Third Party Viewer Directory

On 25th January 2013 it seems Oz Linden removed the well known third party viewer Zen Viewer which is rather alarming I think. Zen Viewer was removed due to a request of the developer apparently from the Third Party Viewer Directory Viewer List. It’s unknown why the developer of the Zen Viewer wanted to remove the viewer from the Third Party Viewer Directory.

If you visit the Zen Viewer SL wiki page now it looks like this…

The Zen Viewer has been removed from the directory at the request of the developer.

Zen Viewer

The download link for the Zen Viewer seems to be dead which is bad news.

Zen Viewer dead link


I enjoy using Zen Viewer so I guess it’s presence will be missed from the Third Party Viewer Directory SL wiki page from now on. Hopefully more details will be announced about this major change.


14 thoughts on “Zen Viewer taken off Third Party Viewer Directory

  1. After doing a quick search for Zen Viewer, it seems there’s another project out there with the same name. That one being a file browser for the iPad. I’m just speculating here, but maybe it was a nameing / trademark issue?


  2. Unfortunalty i can not say the same, as on Osgrid it never rezzed my inventory at all!
    Had to rever to good old pre mesh imprudence that looks like will be the i will use still, now that is going to be useless on Sl!
    Had great hopes for Singularity but LL already nailed them to their side!
    So looks like (don’t know about teapot and kokua) i’ll have to think of trying firestorm if for some reason will have to see mesh on open sims (and so far the only place it was needed was long gone, the guitar Museum, that i hope is being hosted on kitely!)
    But as long as Niran’s keeps working on her Sl viewer, i really don’t care about the rest, cause none tpv was able to make a viewer that is so good on graphics and it really pisses me off like sh**** to see how Sl can be amazing and why devs refuse to understand how important can be a visual enhancment (and knowing tha tmost tweeks that Niran’s did where upon other devs code , is even more terrible to see those same viewers with such inferior graphics!


  3. Have been using zen almost since it came out, and it’s become one of my favorites. Especially since bugs and feature requests were added so quickly and with good feedback from a very dedicated developer. Dreading having to go scout for a new one that fits my needs :/


  4. The developer was bashed by other people in the developer community. Zen Viewer took a lot of features and code changes and never gave credit to those developers in the about section. It’s very disrespectful to take someone elses code and then change even the developers signature on it to yours that’s a little bit like stealing and taking credit for something you did not create. So, my guess is that the developer either backed out because he was bullied into doing so (more like pressured by LL) because of the risk of other more widely used viewers like Firestorm were threatening to back out. And, plus Oz was taking a huge amount of heat about that. So, it all comes down to the developer stealing code from other developers and never giving credit and then being a total jerk he simply talks crap. And, the heat from LL and the 3rd party viewer community.


    1. Let’s get something straight about open source. If you have an ego over your work close it up. I only do open source and anyone can take it change it because no one owns it. If you think you can ever call free software (understand the word free) has nothing to do with money it is about the GNU. you can take all the credits off and and add a duck who cares it is free.
      So lets wake up and smell the freedom of code.
      If some one changed it. it was open and free to see it, You make no since. If you have a problem with free software then don’t go to any grid.
      When LL opened the source they said it is free now no longer in a cage. IF you have an ego then go to M$ and close the source. No one owns it. and you can do as you please with it. I compiled the the Zen viewer a few times and you it was ok.

      In the open source world to have some one take your work change it make it there own is a complement. That means your work is worth learning from.


      1. Anyone is able to take it. Correct! But, it’s cruel to take the credit for work you never did! Other developers spend hours creating that code and making it work an only to have it stolen from some dude who has an attitude problem lets see I’d say the developer got what he deserved. Seriously. Don’t babble in about open source code when it’s not you spending hours on coding and having it all thrown in your face and taken from you having someone else taking credit for your work!!! Your creation!! It’s got nothing to do with an ego! It’s got everything to do with the idea that these developers have spent countless hours working in their features only to have their credit taken from them. Open source is about sharing but it’s also about sharing the credit.


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