InWorldz Raglan Shire Great Tree 2013 – New Freebies, Newspaper and Rentals for Tinies

News this week is that the Friends of Raglan Shire InWorldz group have announced some very interesting exciting updates. InWorldz Raglan Shire Great Tree is one of the best places to visit on InWorldz because its home of the tinies community. I recommend everyone to visit and spend time looking around this amazing InWorldz landmark during 2013.

The Tinies of Raglan Shire are growing a City in a Giant Tree! Dances, aos, animations, skins, textures, clothing, tiny avatars, art, gestures, fun!

Teleport SLURL < InWorldz viewer required!

The Raglan Shire Great Tree 2013

New Freebies

There is a box of 9 free tiny animations at the Welcome Center located at the Raglan Shire Great Tree thanks to Rowena Paine.

New Raglan Shire Newspaper

It’s now available online (January 2013 issue) at Monthly issues of the Raglan Shire newspaper will be released in 2013.

Rentals for Tinies now available

Tinies are now able to rent and spaces are now available. There are many levels of the tree to visit with shops to rent and homes to live in. Interested in renting? IM Liandras Jameson for more details.

Check out my new snapshots of InWorldz Raglan Shire Great Tree 2013.

The Raglan Shire Great Tree 2013

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