Freebie Mall 2.0 on Kitely

Today I went to visit the Freebie Mall 2.0 on Kitely using my SL Facebook account details to log in. I clicked on Enter World shown on the right hand side of the Kitely page which starts the world which took a few moments to complete. I managed to pick up the limited time QR-Cube 01231 at the Freebie Mall 2.0 on Kitely today which was awesome. I walked around the mail getting many freebies which was fun and its a great location to get started on Kitely I think.

NEW! Check out my new Flickr set called Kitely where I am exploring new Kitely locations.

I signed up to Kitely on 29th March 2011 and so far I’ve only been to a few places. I plan to explore more Kitely Public World locations during 2013 and share the experiences on my SL blog/SL Flickr stream.

This is Linda Kellie’s latest version of her Freebie Shopping Mall, released in mid-April 2012.

There are a very large number of items in this sim, so it takes a long time to start. Please be patient!

Now free to visit for a limited time! Be sure to check out the “QR-Cube” in front of the mall. Those are real QR-Codes, so break out your smartphone and scan it for some exciting information. VIrtual QR-Cubes could be a good way to direct traffic to all your worlds in Kitely! If you’d like a programmable virtual cube yourself, leave me (Kat Lemieux) an IM in world and I’ll tell you how to get one.

After a few minutes it pops up with a box saying the location is ready and how to login using information provided. You may be asked to install a Kitely plugin and I used Imprudence 1.3.2 viewer to log in. Start Viewers page is worth reading as it explains how to do everything manually.

Start Viewer

Connected to Kitely via Kitely Plugin. I have a region called Daniel Voyager which I hope to use more during the course of 2013. 🙂


Loads of FREE items at Freebie Shopping Mall on Kitely

Freebie Shopping Mall on Kitely

There are many other popular locations to visit on Kitely on the Public Worlds page. Click on either Shopping, Education, Meetings or the Fun button to browse through them specific locations. There is a Search box where you can find everything. 🙂

Kitely Public Worlds


Have you signed up for Kitely and what was your experience like ? 


8 thoughts on “Freebie Mall 2.0 on Kitely

  1. good review on this awesome grid, which may likely be the future of the metaverse [or something similarly done]-))


  2. Thank you, Minethere. I’ve not really logged into Kitely much over the past few years cause of other things happening on other grids. It’s good to do something different this year I think.


    1. Some very good creators in it. I was able to attend a meeting yesterday mostly discussing the upcoming Marketplace. Chat notes will be posted in their forums soon-))


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