New homepage for Firestorm Viewer

Jessica Lyon the project manager of the Phoenix/Firestorm project in Second Life have relaunched the previous phoenix homepage to a new look. The Firestorm Viewer new homepage looks more updated and it comes with exciting new customizable skins to choose from.

Firestorm Viewer Homepage

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Amazing transformation from the old look to the friendly new look website which is a good move to start 2013 of with I think. Very exciting times indeed for the Firestorm team and Firestorm viewer users. What do you think of the new look website of Firestorm ?


7 thoughts on “New homepage for Firestorm Viewer

  1. Hate firestorm, hate SL’s viewer 2, 3 or whatever the heck they call it. Will use Phoenix as long as I can, or failing that, switch to singularity.


      1. Sorry, not trying to be a PIA, just don’t understand the need to change the location of menu items, all in the name of ‘improvement’. Half the things I’m looking for on FS are moved or simply ‘gone’.

        Remember the old quote, especially in the menu area,”if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!!”



  2. the firestorm team has also launched a region/office in osgrid specifically to test and develop the opensim version-))


    1. Yeah, I heard about the region on osgrid and I’m going to have to check that out soon.

      It’s going to be interesting to see how Firestorm works with opensim.

      Thanks Minethere for the comment. 🙂


  3. yes, I went to one of the kitely beach meetings and they all were using firestorm. Ilan said he prefers it.

    I am so stuck on imprudence but I expect I will move over to firestorm eventually. I am waiting for another couple of versions to come out so the kinks are worked out better for their opensim one.

    In the meantime I was shown the Angstrom viewer in regards to saving exports in a much better format .hpa. It was a bit laggy but this is due to the default settings not being happy with my computer [or vice versa-))]. However, the .hpa export did in fact work better than .xml.

    You might look into this as a possible blog idea-))


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