Second Life Free Starter Vehicle Pack on Amazon

Linden Lab have announced today that Second Life is now on Amazon, With a Special Promotion This Weekend! which rather unique.   The special promotion for this weekend only is a FREE Starter Vehicle Pack per avatar it seems which is usually $9.95.  It’s a great little package for new residents. The 1000 Linden Dollars will be a great help to go shopping and a hoverboard to have fun around the grid.


  • 1000 Linden Dollars
  • Exclusive Hoverboard

Second Life on Amazon

Weekend Deal: Free “Second Life” Starter Pack ($9.95 Value) – LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER
From now until January 6, 2013, get a Vehicle Starter Pack for “Second Life” absolutely free. Normally $9.95, this pack includes 1,000 Linden Dollars (virtual currency) and a designer hoverboard. Use your virtual currency to customize your avatar with high-quality clothing or characters, weapons or other enhancements. Show off your moves with a unique hoverboard that lets you skim across land, water or sky. LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER. Learn more.

What are your views on this free weekend deal? Please post in comments. Thank you! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Second Life Free Starter Vehicle Pack on Amazon

  1. This is a good idea, but LL is being totally biased with this offer as it is open to US residents only. So many of SL’s residents are not in the US, like myself. I am in the UK and I am rather disappointed with this.
    Poor form LL.


    1. Thanks Stary for your comment. I agree its a good idea getting Second Life more noticed and that this offer was free. However Linden Lab should include Amazon UK and other parts of the world.


    1. That’s ok, Uccello. Well it does seem to be big news at the moment and I didn’t expect the lab to publish something like this until mid-late January 2013.

      The money side to this offer sounds great for newbies. There are many places on the grid to get freebies. 🙂

      Interesting blog post. 🙂


  2. “Currently unavailable
    We don’t know when or if this item will be available again. ”

    Ha. Ha. Ha. This really is promotion in the true tradition of LL, lol.


  3. I like the idea, but obviously it was not well thought out, as it is already unavailable – I have seen the hordes on fora making alts and getting their 1K linden Dollars. I havent tried it myself, but I read it was for US residents only, so pointless for me anyway. It would have been nice if it was for all countries, well that..and with an actual limit per amazon customer (instead of per SL account….)


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