InWorldz physics rollout phase 1, update 2

This week the physx rollout continues across the InWorldz grid and its making good progress so far. On 1st January 2013 Tranquillity Dexler posted a update on the rollout plan. Rolling restarts are still going on and the version of  physx is Version: InWorldz PhysX 0.8.0 R2669. 

Later on tonight, I will begin to roll physics out to a much more broad set of regions. These will be chosen at random throughout the grid and will run over the next few days in the hope that any showstopper bugs that may not have been found by the previous rollouts are weeded out.

After a few days of this larger set of regions running, if there are no serious bug reports, the physics release will commence to encompass the majority, or the entirety of the grid.

This will complete the phase 1 physics project and move us into implementation of the LSL vehicle functions.

In the meantime, sometime before or shortly after the full rollout, Balpien Hammerer will make freely available a script/set that will allow creators to easily begin building physical land, sea and air vehicles.

Physx is a big leap forward for InWorldz and it’s going to be fantastic when the rollout is completed. To stay updated on Physx check the InWorldz Forums regularly.


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