5 years of blogging about SL

Today marks five years since I first started to blog about Second Life on 18th December 2007. Since then my SL blog traffic and subscribers have increased massively over the years. Thanks to everybody that has followed my SL blog, mentioned it in anyway and commented on my blog posts since December 2007. It does mean alot to me and it keeps me wanting to report on more SL happenings. 😀

My latest blog changes

  • Added a new OpenSim blog page 
  • Added 10+ more links to my blogroll this week with over 40+ during 2012
  • My theme is now christmas 2012
  • Added a christmas day countdown clock

I’m looking forward to another year of SL blogging in 2013 and beyond that.

2011 blog stats

  • 48, 154 total blog hits
  • 1, 408 blog followers

2012 blog stats

  • 149,727 total blog hits as of today
  • 2,626 blog followers as of today
  • New Record: 891 best ever views on 6th November 2012

A huge increase in 2012 which i’m very pleased about and I hope to get more hits/visitors/followers in 2013+. Thanks for the support ! 🙂


18 thoughts on “5 years of blogging about SL

  1. 5 years — WOW !! Congratulations, great job…and thank you !!
    Really appreciate your first-rate blogging. Always reliable, engaging, informative, and fun to follow.


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