Lalo Telling has passed away in real life

I have just heard today that the much loved SL Lalo Telling has sadly passed away in real life and he was a good friend of mine in Second Life. He was recently admitted to a hospice battling with cancer and many hoped he would recover alright. I really enjoyed reading his blog posts over the years and I liked visiting historical SL locations via his SL History page. This is really shocking and sad news to hear about his passing in RL. Another loss for Second Life and Lalo Telling will always be in our memories forever. 😦

The news came from Ahuva latest blog post called In Memoriam which confirms of his death. 😦

The gentleman known here as Lalo Telling departed this existence today at 2pm. He died as he lived – gracefully and peacefully. Emspar thanks you all for all the love and good wishes sent from the virtual world to her and Lalo. She asks that you observe her period of mourning by holding off on direct messages or tweeting to her. She is grateful for your kindness and support and caring but needs a time for grief and reflection.

Lalo – Your memory will be for a blessing. ❤

December 5, 2007 – December 14, 2012
Lalo Telling
Blessing be for a memory

 RIP Lalo Telling 😦


9 thoughts on “Lalo Telling has passed away in real life

  1. OMG! I had no idea. He never mentioned any of this to me and we had chatted briefly not too long ago. Lalo was a very good friend of mine in SL and via Twitter. He was also my one of my direct subjects in Tiny Empires. Sigh. He was so intelligent and nice.


  2. Oh my I just found out tonight. Lalo and I were very good friends would sit and chat about photography and the Queendom. He was my Prince in Tiny Empires and so kind and wise. I’m very sad to hear this. Peace to the family.


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