Attending Bay City Tree Lighting 2012

More than 40 avatars came to the Bay City Tree Lighting 2012 in Second Life today between 1-4 pm SLT which I think is a good turnout. There were some lag issues during the event but overall the experience at the Bay City Tree Lighting event was enjoyable. I really loved the skating area and free items. Great live music and I was impressed by the falling snow in the north channel region.

All proceeds go to Child’s Play Charity ( Child’s Play is a 501c3 non profit organization that helps seriously ill children around the globe. Donate Today!

Well done to the amazing live performers who were GoSpeed Racer, Grace McDunnough, and Bluemonk Rau. Special thanks to Marianne McCann, Pygar Bu, Moles and Kriss Lehmann for organizing this great event for Bay City in Second Life. 🙂

Bay City Tree Lighting 2012

Bay City celebrates Christmas 2012!

Bay City Tree Lighting 2012

Time to go ice skating and have fun! 😀


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