Circe Broom remembered at Sunset Jazz Club

Circe Broom a much loved SL resident who was the mother of second life arts, live music and ran the Luxor Egyptian-themed sim for many years sadly passed away on Friday 30th November 2012 in real life. This news of her passing is very sad because I have heard she was one of the biggest driving forces behind live music in SL.

Join us as we celebrate this remarkable friend, patron, and muse in poetry and music.

She is being remembered at Sunset Jazz club on 5th December 2012 between 2pm and 9pm SLT. Circe Broom will be deeply missed by her SL friends and real life family. RIP Circe Broom!

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circe broom farewell

Over 86 avatars in the region remembering Circe Broom in Second Life

circe broom farewell_004_001

Very sad and Circe Broom will never be forgotten.



8 thoughts on “Circe Broom remembered at Sunset Jazz Club

  1. I never met Circe and only knew of her by her reputation. It is the measure of that reputation that so many turned out to pay their respects to her memory. Second Life will be all the more poorer in her passing and my sympathies to her real world family.


    1. Nomadic, it’s terrible news that Circe has gone from SL/RL and its heartbreaking to be honest.

      I went to the memorial service in SL last night and there was more than 86 avatars there which is truly shows what a great women she was in SL.


  2. I didn’t know Circe but I chatted with her a couple times at Sunset Jazz Club. What a wonderful tribute. She must have been an extraordinary human being. God bless her.


    1. Yordie, I totally agree it was a great way of remembering a fantastic women that did so much for the Second Life community over the years.

      She will be missed deeply but the memories will continue to be with us forever.


  3. Such Sad News, Circe was an amazing women and I did know her for a brief time. She was an amazing singer in her real life, and I’ll never forget her generosity to so many musicians and other second Life folks. Bye dear woman. You will be greatly missed in the virtual and the real. 😦 Paisley Beebe.


  4. I’ve been away from SL for awhile and learned last night that Circe had passed away. Here’s a great article about her from the Baltimore Sun from 2007 ( She was definitely the heart of the live music scene in SL and gave many, many of us performers our first stage and always kind words. Her health was always frail, confined to a wheelchair and dependent upon oxygen to help her breath, but that never slowed her down or diminished her spirit. She was a true example of how virtual worlds can make you free even when the physical world has you down.

    God bless, Circe Broom.


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