KidsMesh 2012 in Second Life

KidsMesh 2012 event is taking place right now over at the Aspen sim in Second Life featuring great work from major creators of mesh clothes for kids avatars in Second Life. KidsMesh 2012 runs between 1st December to 9th December 2012. There is a christmas advent calendar worth trying out when you first arrive on the region and there’s exploring to do. The L$ pricing seems reasonable and there is good stuff in the shops worth buying.

It’s now OPEN!

Here is the KidsMesh 2012 poster.

KidsMesh 2012

My first arrival at KidsMesh 2012.

KidsMesh 2012

A very nice winter location for the event. 🙂

KidsMesh 2012

Thanks to Daniel Regenbogen for the info and poster. 🙂


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