Trying out Lost Paradise on OpenSim part 1

This month Lost Paradise on OpenSim came out on top in the third annual grid survey via Hypergrid Business so I decided to give it a try today. Lost Paradise is a small grid with 276 regions, 216 total users and with 134 users that logged in during the past 30 days. I like that it says this at the bottom of the Lost Paradise website “Where The Cool People Come To play”. On the right hand side its worth looking at the page called 150, 000 prim sim and Login Help page which is very interesting to read through.

Grid Stats

  • Regions: 276
  • Users in World: 5
  • Total Users: 216
  • Active Users (Last 30 Days): 134

Login Details

Signing up

Signing up to Lost Paradise was rather easy on the create new account page. Details needed to sign up – First Name, Last Name, Email address, Password and gender type. Once clicked on the Create button it takes you to the page that says “Your account awaits administrator approval”. This is rather annoying to wait 24 hours to sign up to a grid and I don’t know any other grids that do this.

Part 2 review will be published when my new account is approved and when I get to log into Lost Paradise.

10 thoughts on “Trying out Lost Paradise on OpenSim part 1

    1. Thanks Maria for visiting my blog post. A big welcome! 🙂

      I’m the cool owl in SL right? lol

      It’s strange that I have to wait up-to 24 hours to be approved to access a opensim grid. I’m not sure if others do that?. It feels like i’m signing up to a new test product or something. Any ideas on when Lost Paradise started on opensim?. I’m surprised about the login numbers because I thought there would be more.

      This year I have started to explore new opensim grids to see whats the experience is like and i’m really enjoying joining new grids.


      1. Most grids do have instant account approval. But I can see a grid instituting an approval process if it’s been besieged by griefers, or if it wants to control growth.


  1. Oh right. I’ll wait and see if I can log in if approved. I’ll publish my 2nd review and see what the experience is like. I think many will give up in the 24 hours in the near future and it should be instant account approval. If there’s griefers or other unknown issues with this grid – that’s a real shame.


  2. Maria got it right.. We were attacked by the griefer that hit alot of opensim girds.. After having approx. 30 regions to clean up we changed from instant access to one that requires an e mail addy. If it is during the day I usually see it and send out an approval e mail. if at night when I am sleeping the approval goes out first thing in the am.. TY for taking a look at us. Hope you enjoy your visit
    LP grid founder


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