Windows 8 compatibility with Second Life Viewer 3

Today I visited the Microsoft Compatibility Center to see if Second Life is compatible with Windows 8 and the good news is that it is with viewer 3. However Viewer 1 is not compatible with Windows 8 and Viewer 2 there’s no info on yet if it is or not. Windows 8 was launched on 26th October 2012 and if becomes successful that’s still to be seen. Are you using Windows 8 for Second Life ?

Windows 8 Status 

  • Mainstream support: Until 9th January 2018
  • Extended support: Until 10th January 2023

The list of results for Second Life on Microsoft Compatibility Center website search results.

Yay, good news if you want to try SL on Windows 8.


20 thoughts on “Windows 8 compatibility with Second Life Viewer 3

  1. Well I’m one of those that used Win98 until Win xp released its pack 2 service.
    And I skipped Vista and only got Windows 7 after its 1st sp.
    So for sure I know that i’ll not use windows 8 at least for afew years!
    As i don’t use Laptops, I don’t intend to upgrade my desktops computers any time soon!
    Still glad to see V3 working good, i wonder about Imprudence not being able to run on Win8 on Open sims? (i use it cause is the best Open sims viewer still!)


    1. Thanks foneco.

      I have used windows dos, windows 95/98/2000, xp, vista and windows 7. I have to say Windows XP and Windows 7 works really smooth with Second Life. I won’t be upgrading to Windows 8 because of the UI and issues with the new system.

      I’m glad from what i’m hearing SL works well with Windows 8. I have not heard anything about opensim much or about if Imprudence viewer supports Windows 8.

      I’ll post more updates when i hear more!


  2. If InWorldz is compatible, how is Viewer 1 not compatible? I thought they were the same thing but with different logos on the front?

    Is the InWorldz viewer actually V3 codebase, not V1?

    It wouldn’t surprise me to find V1 not compatible though. That’s 10-year old code there… ancient stuff.

    I guess this means windows 8 runs on a desktop then? 🙂 How many hoops do you need to go through to simulate ‘touching’ your screen?

    (Like with OSX where half the ‘touch’ stuff requires 11-fingers moving in 13 different directions at once and a touchpad?)


  3. I use v1 viewers, such as Phoenix Viewer and CoolVL, they both work with my official purchased copy of Windows 8 Pro.

    However I do need to note, Voice was not working. but I located the SLVoice.exe in the program directory and set it’s properties to run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 and since doing this, voice works properly.

    In addition, in case there were any other issues I didn’t notice, i went ahead and set the Viewer’s exe’s including SLVoice and SLPlugin to run in compatibility for windows 7 and set them to run as administrator. It’s been about 2 weeks now since i’ve upgraded to windows 8 and so far absolutely zero problems with Second Life on Phoenix Viewer, Firestorm, CoolVL, Nirans, and the Official Viewer other than minor issues i mentioned above which were easily remedied.


      1. Actually since posting this.. it turned out the compatibility issues were Nvidia related. apparently their version 306 drivers were causing Phoenix Viewer and other v1 viewers to crash or load into a black screen and freeze.

        Since this, Windows 8 Update released a 307.21 hotfix, also you can get the 310.31 beta drivers from and with either one, you do not need to put the viewer into compatibility mode and they load and work just fine 🙂


  4. I find it a shame as well the number of comments here of some of you with misinformation about Windows 8, thinking it doesnt have a desktop, is for laptops only, or that you are stuck with a new UI or issues?

    all i can say is those forums and sites of individuals complaining about windows 8 are from users who never used windows 8 and are basing their claims off reviewers who were focusing on the new features (which can be disabled) such as the “Modern/Metro” Start UI.

    All I need to say is take a look at this screenshot of my Windows 8 taken when i installed 8 and you will see that it’s exactly like windows 7 complete with a “Normal” start menu as well

    Not only is it a desktop OS, it did to windows 7 as 7 did to vista.. Faster boot time, faster app load times, optimized and smoother operation. in addition system background processes use less resources.

    Unfortunately due to the lack of “publicity/advertisment” of windows 8, and microsoft’s promotional pictures and reviewers focusing on solely the “new features” such as the Modern UI, this has caused a lot of individuals to believe that the Modern UI (which is just a start menu replacement), is solely the operating system and there is no more desktop.

    But take it from me, all the undesirable “new features” can be easily disabled.


      1. I have to say I really like windows 8. I have no complaints and I am using it on an older machine that I built. I am very pleased.


  5. I use Windows 8 64bit and have no more problems then the usual in SL but…. I can not get video streaming in SL to work. The viewer keeps saying to download Adobe. I checked at the Adobe website and I am running the latest and the correct one for windows 8….
    Everything I should need to have for it to work is installed at my machine and yet SL thinks I don’t have it…


  6. Have you had any problems with the screen flickering with rainbow colors? I have updated the video drivers with no resolution.


  7. It don’t work on my acer laptop with nvidia GT 420M 1 gig video card and after it launched firestorm, phoenix and others it kept saying video card is outdated but I checked if it outdated but it not outdated drivers. It’s weird message saying that on viewers on Windows 8. It worked fine on Windows 7 without problems.


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